Farm Tellurium In Warframe

How To Farm Tellurium In Warframe

The best Warframe Tellurium farm in 2023 relies upon what you do and don’t have persistence for. The equivalent can be said about most Warframe assets, obviously, yet Farm Tellurium In Warframe materials like Oxium and Argon Gems as somewhat of a bizarre exception.

It was originally introduced to the game through Archwing missions — back when those were just utilized for flying around void space. Presently, you can involve Archwings in Railjack on the open-world “Scenes” like Deimos and in Grineer Sealab levels, however you can in any case see the foundations of Tellurium in the blueprints that require it (for example new Archwing plans).

The interesting asset ‘Tellurium’ isn’t utilized as frequently as most other uncommon assets, yet it is a vital one. It is typically required for everything Archwing related, so it ought not be a shock to anybody that you can get it by just running the different Archwing missions.

There are likewise a couple of different spots on various planets that may be utilized to Farm Tellurium In Warframe and in principle you could likewise utilize your well deserved Platinum and purchase the uncommon asset from the market – however we strongly suggest not doing that.

Tellurium is one of the most uncommon assets in Warframe because of its very low drop rate, which makes it difficult for most players to farm it. This part is expected for crafting weapons (including Archwing weapons) and Warframe parts as well as beauty care products and the sky is the limit from there.

There is a valid justification why we players consider this one of the hardest assets to farm since it drops in not very many Biotic Filter in Warframe. Not just you will sort out the most effective ways to farm Tellurium here, you will sort out the best places as well as different tips concerning Tellurium farming.

How To Farm Tellurium?

As it has been expressed, Tellurium is very difficult to farm because of its low drop rate. The main ways of farming Tellurium is either to do missions that might compensate you with the part, do Archwing missions or farm the part in missions that have it in their drop table.

Players are fortunate on the off chance that they find Farm Tellurium In Warframe effectively during early pieces of a mission. There are then again alternate ways that Tellurium can be gained beside killing foes however through the use of a sentinel and a particular mod.

Where To Farm Tellurium?

Tellurium is known to be farmable on Archwing missions, ideally from those where different adversaries might be killed like Salacia (Neptune) yet beside Archwing missions, Tellurium is known to drop in missions that have the Grineer Sealab Tileset.

One of the most outstanding spots for farming Tellurium is viewed as Ophelia because of the wealth of different assets and the tight regions it has for effectively killing adversaries.

Tellurium Farming Areas

Ophelia (Uranus) – Endurance

Ophelia is famous for the assets that it has, as well as it is a leaned toward mission because of the people who wish to farm Polymer Group and, surprisingly, the Condition Over-burden mod. It was there that players found Tellurium began dropping and since Ophelia is an endurance mission, this clarified that the more foes you could kill, the better the opportunity you needed to get Farm Tellurium In Warframe.

It should bring a Warframe, for example, Hydroid with the Pilfering Multitude mod prepared to drive plunder drops and have a Nekros too to utilize Spoil to get considerably more out of the slain foes.

Salacia (Neptune) – Archwing: Portable Guard

Among all of the Archwing missions accessible, Salacia provides players with the better benefit of farming Tellurium since it is a portable guard mission (there are right now no endurance Archwing missions and interception ones are too scattering with regards to plunder) and a few foes generate.

Depending on how quick you can get out foes, more will bring forth in. A typical strategy is to utilize the Itzal Archwing and spam the Infinite Smash capacity to pull foes close and harm them.

The Vast Pulverize capacity will likewise pull plunder, making the Itzal ideal for farming Tellurium or any asset in an Archwing mission in actuality.

Spare Parts Sentinel Technique

A strategy while trying to obtain Tellurium was found back with the Extra Parts mod. The mod allows an opportunity for a Sentinel to drop Tellurium (or different assets) when it is obliterated. In request to utilize this, you can eliminate all your Sentinel mods and prepare a maximum positioned Spare Parts mod.

When you have your debilitated Sentinel prepared, head into a mission that you can undoubtedly finish like a catch mission and permit the foes to obliterate your Sentinel by crouching or going into operator mode. There is a decent opportunity that your Sentinel will drop Farm Tellurium In Warframe when it kicks the bucket.


Farming for Tellurium can be fairly annoying and grindy, especially during the earlier stages of the game. Once you’ve manage to get your hands on a Warframe with farming abilities or find yourself in a dedicated farming group you should be able to quickly gather a decent amount of the rare resource.

Since you usually don’t need huge amounts of Farm Tellurium In Warframe to craft your equipment a few farming runs should yield enough resources to last for a while. Make sure to follow our guide and you shouldn’t run into any trouble. If you think we’ve missed some important information or if you simply want to add your own ideas and tips feel free to leave us a comment!