Escape from Tarkov Reserve Map Guide 2022

Escape from Tarkov Reserve Map Guide

This article is about Escape from Tarkov Reserve Map Guide. This Escape from Tarkov Reserve Map Guide is an itemized guide of the Escape from Tarkov map. The Escape from Tarkov game has been delivered in beta and as of now offers one map, which this Escape from Tarkov Reserve Map Guide will cover. This Escape From Tarkov Reserve Map Guide remembers data for all plunder areas just as certain techniques for better ongoing interaction all through the map.

Tarkov’s secret Federal State Reserve Agency, one of the Russian Federation’s “Rosrezerv” bases, is a tactical office blamed for keeping up and administering Russia’s profoundly classified nimbly stops put forth in defense World War III. Workplaces like this are ordinarily situated on distant or inconspicuous regions that can be gotten to through Russia’s enormous rail association.

Some place in the Ukraine is an enormous fortification, monitored by tip top champions and accumulated with enough supplies to withstand a nuclear winter. By and by, after Tarkov was overran by PMCs and Scan Raiders who are searching out its significant assets for themselves, this amazing fortress stands open holding back to be guaranteed.

The fortunate not many that discover it will have gotten their own safe space from those troublesome looters… likewise in case there’s anything inside worth taking I’m certain they’ll in any case need assistance getting at it!

In case you’re a Tarkov player searching for the most genuine, useful guide in the game with savage resistance and firefights between teams as typical then this is certainly your place. The assortment of weapons accessible to players makes it probably the best guide to play on assuming you need more activity than simply a normal shooter.


  • Usable Heavy-Weapon emplacements spread around the guide (tallying belt-dealt with attack rifles and customized touchy launchers (sic!)). If you’d like to play with the NSV “Utes” 12.7×108 attack rifle or the AGS 30×29 mm customized shot launcher, look no further.
  • The fiercest NPC Boss of Tarkov wanders around the area (around Pawn, Knight, and K-Station). Glukhar and his SIX seriously furnished, protected, and all around pre-arranged guards are truly impressive opponents and attracting them solo, especially at huge distances, is basically pointless. In any case, their stuff is among the best open, so smashing them will make you rich.
  • The abundance of excellent quality loot. Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and military thing produces are extremely typical on Reserve (and an enormous number of them are arranged outside of blasted zones). You will probably find past what you can proceed with each Raid.
  • ~29 usable Keys that once in a while open zones flooding with significant loot. If you go on a Reserve Raid without need keys you will certainly leave behind an incredible open door.
  • Another thing, that is a consequence of the previous four… Hold is VERY popular among huge level players and player groups. Make an effort not to go in unprepared.

Escape from Tarkov Spawn Points and Points of Reference

At the point when you create, quickly find a milestone on the guide. With such enormous guides and hardly any UI signs, this may take some time in case you are not familiar with where all is arranged – however there’s no require for stress!

There are key features that can assist with advancing around simpler: at moment that creating in game X, make certain to discover one of these achievements in order to choose which produce site they’re using.

The best and most easy points of view for the Escape from Tarkov Reserve map is the vault master marksman tower. This is immense and fundamentally clear for the entire left-hand side of the guide. This is moreover easy to discover once you produce. A smart check out the guide essentially over your standard overview stature should uncover its region.

If you can’t spot it, you’re on the other part of the guide. The train station is a substantial assertion of reference. While this isn’t just about as extensive as the Dome, it is really easy to spot. With these two reference centers, you should have the choice to figure out your space on the guide pretty with no issue. This allows you to get straightforwardly into the action since you’re immediately orientated to where various players may be going.

Vantage locations for snipers in the Escape from Tarkov Reserve Map

The curve is perhaps the most well known spots in the Reserve map, as it takes into consideration a view that stretches across practically all regions. In case you’re seeming to be a specialist sharpshooter and make them astound action all through your matches, this spot has got what you need! Keep in mind – different players will likewise need to take up positions here so ensure in addition to the fact that you are focusing know when others might have their sights on killing them.

There is a dazzling curve in the highest point of the apex, so players will regularly hide behind possibly a couple of stones and simply trust that someone shows up on top.

The Reserve map has an astounding vantage point for unforgiving master sharpshooter duels on the grounds that there’s a striking curve at the zenith of this specific apex.

Battling the Scav Boss

The Scav Boss in the Reserve map – known as Glukhar-is one of the hardest in-game. The gatekeepers are adequately ready to be Scav directors themselves, so you can imagine his quality. He delivers around two or three better places – the fix distribution center, homes or K constructions.

It’s an escape from Tarkov game testing when bringing them into a tight or encased space and forgo them exclusively once they get inside.

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