Where Is Elsie Bray Destiny 2

Elsie Bray Destiny 2 Perhaps of Destiny’s greatest mystery has been solved with the release of the Destiny 2 Warmind expansion. The person known as the Exo Stranger assumed a significant part in the original Destiny, however because of the pessimistic response to the game’s story, many plot threads were deserted.

The Exo Stranger being one such string. Destiny 2 chief Luke Smith would try and proceed to say the Exo Stranger wouldn’t be revisited. That decision appears to have been changed, as the Exo Stranger has now been revealed as Elsie Bray.

The Bray family ran the Clovis Bray science office on Mars during the Brilliant Age when the Voyager meandered the Solar system, which ties into Destiny 2 in Warmind. Elsie Bray was an individual from this prestigious family.

In the original Destiny, all that is referenced of Elsie is that she designed the ship known as the Age Trespass – – and that she disappeared three years after its creation. Elsie’s destiny is left obscure until Ana draws the player back to Mars in Destiny 2’s Warmind.

Where Is Elsie Bray Destiny 2

Destiny 2 and the mystery behind Elsie bray

Dr. Elizabeth “Elsie” Bray was an individual from the Bray family. Easy Method To Collect Destiny 2 Resonate Stems who was responsible for various inventions by Bray Technologies in the Destiny and Destiny 2 universe.

Post the disappearance of Elsie, there’s been a great deal of speculation with respect to her identity. The extremely observant members of the local area looked out for any hints about the elusive Elizabeth Bray in Destiny 2. Also, presently, finally, her identity has been revealed.

Elizabeth Bray in Destiny 2

According to the Destiny 2 legend, Elizabeth Bray had a severe case of prion insomnia, which she inherited from her father Clovis Bray II. To save herself from her destiny, Elsie Bray she transferred herself into an exo body which permitted her to survive.

Despite being killed by her grandfather, he still saved a duplicate of her and transferred it into a new exo body, thereby facilitating Elsie’s survival. There’s been a ton of speculation about her identity, and individuals have really contended a great deal about who she is.

Destiny’s Exo Stranger Identity Revealed

The final piece of the riddle was no easy thing to discover. A perplexing code named the Rasputin Puzzle was discovered in-game that took the Destiny people group’s finest several days to break. The solution pointed to a true place where Vicarious Visions had stowed away some prizes, including coins with the text “Clovis Bray – Come over more often.”

There are other clues concealed all through Warmind that further concrete that Elsie is the Exo Stranger. There’s flavor text on items that include Elsie reflecting on her past working with her family, or reflecting on the innovation she has made. Her name isn’t used past the “- e” signature, yet several references are made to being a “stranger.” Obviously designer Vicarious Visions didn’t maintain that the association should be unmistakable, yet gathered and spread out it’s unquestionable.

In Destiny, the Exo Stranger spent the mission guiding the player character from one mission to another. She eventually drove us to the Dark Nursery to confront the Vex and a manifestation of the Darkness. A while later, the Exo Stranger disappeared totally, never revealing her secrets – – her history or her plans for what’s in store. It has required four years for the Exo Stranger to by and by be recognized, in Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion. Hopefully it won’t require another four years to hear from her again.

Where Is Elsie Bray Destiny 2

What is the Destiny Exo Stranger’s symbol?

EXO appeared in 2012 which is represented by the introduction stage in this outline, their sales right now were low. Then in 2013 they hit it enormous with XOXO as Snarl caught the hearts of listeners all over the planet. Where To Turn On Full Auto Mode For All Weapons in Destiny 2 This was the development stage and the vertical pattern in the line represents 1 million sales of XOXO which finished a long term dry spell in the physical market.

Despite of hiccups in 2014 (with members leaving and the Baekyeon dating scandal). Elsie Bray their image still continued to ‘develop’ and ultimately in 2015 they were at the pinnacle of this development phase with the release of Exodus. By 2016, the release of Ex’Act ushered in a period where their sales and brand had ‘developed’, they had established themselves as a rewarding gathering which everybody expected would passage well on the lookout.

Presently some individuals mistakenly continue to name 2017 as some kind of a ‘meh’ year for EXO when it as a matter of fact was not. The Conflict delegated them as fourfold million sellers, so how is that statement even fair? Indeed, the thing is that EXO are very much settled in their development stage. Their image has moved past the development stage where the publicity caused it to seem like their faces were plastered all over Asia.

Who is the most powerful guardian in Destiny?

Saint 14, the first Vanguard captain and for the most part considered the greatest guardian ever. at the point when he went into the infinite forest looking for Osiris, he stalled out and was ambushed by Vex. He killed thousands of Vex for a really long time. They at last had a mind to strip him off his light, despite the fact that he destroyed in the process, after which he was lightless and ultimately killed. (We carried him back with time travel.)

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