Here you will Find How To Get Elden Ring Bleed Colossal Weapons & Swords

Bleed Colossal Weapons & Swords in Elden Ring features a plenty of weighty weapons that cause massive harm result to your enemies. This mainly includes the Colossal weapons and swords that you can obtain through different means. Since the moveset of these weighty weapons are quite slow, several players are wondering about using different status effects.

This primarily includes the Blood loss or Drain impact for your Colossal weapons and Swords. Be that as it may, you can use the Bleed affinity only on selected weighty weapons. Not to stress, look at our guide on how to get Bleed on Colossal weapons and swords in Elden Ring.

Attacking enemies with weapons that will slowly fill a bleed bar with each hit, once full, the foe will take a level of harm equivalent to their maximum wellbeing. In general, blood weapons can make battle in Elden Ring extremely easy for players and those new to souls-like games, as numerous enemies are powerless against it with few being immune. With so many blood weapons to use, only a couple are really positioned as being the best.

Elden Ring remains the Round of The Year pick for some players this year. There are rumors of it someday getting a DLC that will add further bosses as well as new areas. It is of no surprise to see players returning to Elden Ring to refine their bleed builds with some of the best bleed weapons available that might prove to be useful if this DLC is at any point reported for the souls-like game.

How To Get Elden Ring Bleed Colossal Weapons and Swords

Bleed on Colossal Weapons and Swords in Elden Ring

You can get the Bleed impact on Colossal weapons as well as Colossal swords by using the Dark Whetblade. You can find the Dark Whetblade situated at the Night’s Sacred Ground. Feather Cape in Valheim This location can be tracked down in front of a Special stepped area close to a corpse in Nokron, Everlasting City. As you use the Whetblade, you also need a compatible Ash of Battle to select the Bleed affinity. Alternatively, you can also use Blood Incantations, consumables, or spells to select the Bleed affinity.

However, as mentioned earlier, you can use the Bleed only on selected Colossal weapons and swords. Speaking of the Colossal weapons, only Ghiza’s Wheel causes the Blood Loss buildup. It causes +70 Blood loss on your opponents. You can use Somber Smithing Stones, Magic, or consumables to update the Ghiza’s Wheel weapon. While its passive blood impact remains the same, you can cause massive harm of 382 on Standard +10.

Best Bleed Colossal Weapon

Speaking in terms of causing massive Physical Harm, Duelist Greataxe might be the right pick. Upon applying the Blood affinity, this Colossal weapon can inflict 352 harm. Furthermore, similar to every Colossal weapon, it causes 120 Drain or Blood loss build-up. Alternatively, you can also go for Ghiza’s Wheel if you are prepared to overhaul it to Standard +10.

Best Bleed on Colossal Sword in Elden Ring

In my opinion, the best choice would be Greatsword. With the Bleed affinity, you can cause 341 Physical Harm against your enemies. This is the highest harm yield out of the relative multitude of Colossal swords. Its Strength, Dexterity, and Hidden stats scale at B, D, and D tiers respectively. You can also build an overwhelmed Bleed build using different Talismans.

How To Get Elden Ring Bleed Colossal Weapons and Swords

Where do I get colossal weapons Elden Ring?

To find this weapon, you’ll have to go to the Divine Tower of Caelid. There, you’ll fight the Godskin Apostle boss. While the boss doesn’t drop this sword, you will have the option to steal from it from a close by chest after you rout him.

The Greatsword is quite apparently the best colossal sword in Elden Ring. The weapon is adjusted and can be used for some builds. High On Life Come Out On Xbox The best thing about this weapon is its simplicity; players do not need to learn special moves to use it efficiently.

While they might be slow, they hit like a truck and can be some of the best weapons in the game. In any event, they will cause you to feel like a genuine legend of the Lands Between. Today, we’re looking at the five best colossal swords in Elden Ring, where to find them, and how to use them.

The Sacred Relic Sword is the best sword utilizing Heavenly harm. It’s obtained by defeating the final boss of the game, the Elden Beast, and by trading the Elden Recognition with Enia at Roundtable Hold. It requires 14 Strength, 24 Dexterity, and 22 Faith to wield. It also has the impressive skill, Wave of Gold.

Thanks to the latest Elden Ring update (1.04 at the time of writing), colossal weapons definitely stand out enough to be noticed and mind they deserve. They currently stand in the Elden Ring best weapons classification along with the usual stuff like Rivers of Blood or Moonveil.

What’s the best level in the Elden Ring?

That is the Vagrant of Kos. You understand what makes him tough? His postponed attacks and roll catches. It takes a certain kind of timing to get his cadence down. Thing is however, he’s the last boss of a DLC. Elden Ring takes this battle design to the limit. Almost every boss has these design elements to them.

Several bosses even have fairly standard combos you can get used to, yet will have a final piece of the combo that changes or will have an occasional development. This is a significant issue in my eyes. Bosses like Vagrant of Kos, Nameless King, and Soul of Cinder stood out because of these elements.

However the weapon craftsmanship decimates enemies. Particularly, the Night weapon craftsmanship. I don’t quite understand the reason why it works the manner in which it does, yet it’s a slightly less worse version of the spell Comet Azur. I believe it has to do with scaling with weapon overhaul not stats, however I might be wrong about that. The Comet Azur spell is seriously broken yet must be gotten later on and with weighty stat investment. The Sword of Night and Fire comes way earlier. I anticipate that it should get nerfed at some point.