How To Duplicate Units In Toilet Tower Defense

How To Duplicate Units In Toilet Tower Defense – Ultimate Guide

Toilet Tower Defense is an engaging portable game that provokes players to protect against capricious foes using a variety of toilet-themed weaponry. One of its intriguing features is the capacity to duplicate units, an essential move that can fundamentally support your defense.

How To Duplicate Units In Toilet Tower Defense

Understanding the Duplication Feature

The duplication feature in Toilet Tower Defense permits players to repeat existing units, strengthening defenses without having to invest in purchasing extra towers. This feature opens up as you progress through the game, offering a strategic benefit in fights against increasingly challenging rushes of foes.

Steps to Duplicate Units in Toilet Tower Defense

Open Duplication: Progress through the game to open the duplication feature, which as a rule opens up at more significant levels or in the wake of achieving explicit milestones.

Select the Ideal Unit: Pick the tower or unit you wish to duplicate from your existing weapons store.

Initiate Duplication Mode: Access the duplication mode within the game interface, commonly indicated by a particular symbol or button.

Place Duplicated Units Decisively: Once initiated, put the duplicated units decisively on the combat zone to reinforce your defense.

Tips and Tricks for Efficient Duplication

Focus on High-Worth Units: Duplicate the towers or units that are best against the ongoing rush of foes or offer the most elevated benefit for your defense procedure.

Key Arrangement: Position duplicated units decisively to cover weak regions or upgrade the general inclusion of your defense framework.

Timing is Vital: Use duplication at helpful minutes, like before challenging waves or manager fights, to reinforce your defense quickly.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Over-Duplication: Avoid exorbitantly duplicating units, as this can prompt inefficient utilization of assets and may leave other region of your defense powerless.

Neglecting Redesigns: While duplication is profitable, don’t disregard upgrading existing units. A very much redesigned tower may be more gainful than essentially duplicating lower-level units.

Benefits of Duplicating Units in Toilet Tower Defense

Improved Defense: Duplicating units fortifies your defense, making it more strong and equipped for handling tougher foe waves.

Asset Advancement: Instead of spending coins on purchasing new units, duplication permits you to save assets while strengthening your defense line.

Upper hand: Leveraging the duplication feature decisively can reverse the situation of fights, particularly in challenging levels or against formidable enemies.

How To Duplicate Units In Toilet Tower Defense


Mastering the specialty of duplicating units in Toilet Tower Defense is a distinct advantage. Understanding the mechanics, decisively deploying duplicates, and avoiding common entanglements are vital to maximizing the benefits of this feature. By employing efficient duplication methodologies, you can fortify your defenses, beat tougher difficulties, and partake in a more victorious excursion through the eccentric and entertaining universe of Toilet Tower Defense.