How to Delete a Character in Tower of Fantasy

It’s finished How to delete a character in Tower of Fantasy. You’ve downloaded Tower of Fantasy and planned your ideal character. You’ve gone through the tutorial and are ready to investigate the grand universe of Aida — aside from you’ve goofed up and entered some unacceptable date for your character’s birthday and it can’t be changed. In any case, you didn’t invest too much energy in and are willing to delete them and start over. That’s a choice, correct?

How to delete a character in Tower of Fantasy

How to Delete a Character in Tower of Fantasy

Unfortunately, it is basically impossible to completely delete a character in Tower of Fantasy at the game’s launch. Out of the blue, a feature as straightforward as that has not been worked into the game yet, yet we imagine that it will come sooner or later. That being said, there is no announcement for it as of this writing.

While you can not delete your abomination of a character yet, there are ways to get around it and make another one. Characters don’t carry over between servers How to delete a character in Tower of Fantasy, so on the off chance that you are not playing with a companion on that server, we suggest picking another server and starting over.

Assuming you are absolutely dedicated to staying on your ongoing server yet need another character, your main choice for the present is to make a totally new account and login with that. From that point, you can join into the server you were playing previously and totally start over all along.

It is very odd that Tower of Fantasy wouldn’t include as straightforward of a feature as the ability to delete a character from a server and account. Ideally How to delete a character in Tower of Fantasy, diminishing the inconvenience will be carried out.

Can you delete a Tower of Fantasy

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to delete a character whenever it’s been created on a server. In the event that you’re really not partial to it, you can create another character on an alternate server or, in outrageous cases Get Cascoon and Silcoon, create another account. It’s a baffling choice with respect to Hotta Studios.

Ideally, you’ve tracked down this article prior to creating your character. While beauty care products and features can be altered later in the game, we realize how annoying it tends to be to have a detail wrong on your character. Certainly, it probably won’t impact gameplay, yet something or other simply gets under your skin. Presently, go forward and tackle some music platform puzzles!

How to delete a character in Tower of Fantasy

So, there isn’t a way yet to delete your character in Tower of Fantasy. Whenever it’s been created, it becomes permanent to the server where it was created already.

The best arrangement is to create another character yet on an alternate server. With this How to delete a character in Tower of Fantasy, you will in any case keep the same account which is bound to your email address and you won’t have to make any more complications by creating another one.

On the opposite side, on the off chance that that isn’t your answer How to delete a character in Tower of Fantasy, in outrageous cases, you could create another account on the same server where you recently started with the old account and continue playing with your companions.

There isn’t yet official info from the designers assuming they are planning to carry out the chance of deleting characters in the following future updates.