How to Defeat Uumuu in Hollow Knight

The most effective method to Defeat Uumuu in Hollow Knight. To get to the endings, players should overcome this Hollow Knight chief, who is monitoring one of the three Dreamers. This is the way warriors can overcome Uumuu.

Through Hollow Knight, players will slowly become familiar with the reality of how they wound up in this lengthy. Failed to remember realm while ultimately learning the insider facts of Hallownest. Players will given the task to find and uumuu strategy take out the Dreamers once. They have arrived at a specific point in the story.

How to Defeat Uumuu in Hollow Knight


  • This assault will lock onto the player’s area and makes little explosions of lightning. As players move around the field to abstain from taking harm, the lightning will abandon a path them.
  • There are a few natural dangers that players ought to know about while staying away from Uumuu’s assaults. Players ought to expect to avoid the corrosive pool as it will fundamentally dial back their development speed, Hisui Cup works and the Monarch Wings will make leaping to stages simpler to perform.


The field will be loaded up with explosions of lightning that players should evade to try not to take harm. There are two potential examples for the lightning to show up in, yet in the two cases, the two most reduced stages will be protected to remain on inasmuch as Uumuu isn’t consuming the space.


hile not performing both of the above assaults, Uumuu will drift around the field gradually seeking after the player as they move around. Uumuu will give one Mask of harm in the event that they can connect with the Knight.

A Helping Hand

  • Players will rapidly understand that they’re not able to bargain harm to Uumuu because of the coagulated layer that encompasses it, False Knight yet there is somebody who can slice through it. During the fight, Quirrel will seem to help the Knight and will strike Uumuu to uncover its weak center.
  • For a brief time frame, players can bargain harm while the center is uncovered, prior to getting back to hesitant moves once its film returns. Players will then have to hold on until Quirrel assaults Uumuu again prior to utilizing Nail or Spell assaults to trim down their wellbeing.
  • When Uumuu has been crushed, players will actually want to advance further into the Teacher’s Archives to find Monomon’s resting place. When provoked, players can utilize the Dream Nail on Monomon to carry themselves one bit nearer to opening the Black Egg Temple, and arriving at one of the endings.

For what reason in all actuality do individuals like Hollow Knight?

  • World Design. World plan alone is motivation to adore Hollow Knight. Empty Knight’s reality is totally monstrous. There is a tremendous measure of content, Defeat Uumuu in Hollow Knight to the place where you won’t actually have the option to determine what’s discretionary and what’s not except if you’re now acquainted with the game.
  • Being a Metroidvania, Hollow Knight is a game that depends upon investigation and backtracking, so there is something else to find, and it rewards you for investigation. Almost certainly, you won’t set aside everything your initial opportunity through. Each passage, path, weird looking development, free floor, and so on lead some place. In obvious Metroidvania style, you will require various capacities to sidestep impediments. You will likewise find privileged insights all over the place, and there will be Castlevania-esque weak walls.

How troublesome is Hollow Knight?

Empty Knight takes a ton of signs and mechanics from Dark Souls. It was the principal Souls-enlivened game I’ve played, and from that point forward I’ve played a couple of something else. I’ve currently played Blasphemous (another metroidvania) and I’ve begun playing Salt and Sanctuary (not actually a MV but rather similarly). I likewise endeavored to play Bloodborne, Defeat Uumuu in Hollow Knight however didn’t get far.