Crusader Kings 2 Console Commands List 2022

In this guide you will read about Crusader Kings 2 Console Commands List. A Crusader Kings 2 Console Command can shift the direction of a game. They are mysteries, stowed away by Paradox Development Studio to assist players with troublesome assignments or for no reason in particular.

This Crusader Kings 2 console commands rundown will give you admittance to these mysterious instruments and permit you to more readily appreciate Crusader Kings II on your #1 console framework!

Crusader Kings 2 Console Commands List

What is Crusader Kings?

Crusader Kings was delivered on January 14, 2012 by Swedish engineer Paradox Interactive. The game places the major part in charge of a middle age tradition and permits them to play out a ruler or sovereign’s life from birth til’ the very end. What makes Crusader Kings so extraordinary is it’s ongoing interaction. Crusader Kings II is holding, testing and complex yet not very hard to comprehend for new players.

Crusader Kings 2 Commands

Crusader Kings 2 is a game where players can prearrange requests to change the target of what they were initially picked with augmentations and conditions. Prearranged impacts, which can be used to gather orders into reusable full scale prearranged request menu’s are utilized for single event goals as well as happenings as well; a model would be player solace request scripts that permit you to set your realm up so it cooks all the more explicitly towards how you need things done or feel generally alright with them being taken care of.

The Order solace in Crusader Kings 2 is an extraordinary method to make the continuous experience really captivating (and besides fix bugs!). The console is fundamentally a request box that “orders” are added into, which makes the game get things done. These things orders can cause Crusade King2s interactivity include giving you money and tech centers, trading your person’s domain or totally annihilating another.

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Crusader Kings 2 Commands List

Coming up next is a summary of orders and any limit with a portrayal of what the request will do.

For “Character” scope, in the event that there is no person given, it defaults to the player. Most orders recognize a second limit of one or the other religion or culture (special cases are demonstrated with an id). In the event that none exist, by then expect one optional person line.

For “None” scope, it will simply be a solitary technique. For the “Around the world” Scope, things can happen generally and marry_anyone allows ALL characters to marry anyone.

Character credits customarily range from 0-20. Regardless, as the properties are taken care of in checked bytes, it goes from – 128 to 127. Correspondingly, the most outrageous base worth a person can achieve is 127; however subsequent to stacking a savegame and diminishing its worth to 100 if over that sum once in a while of saving your game .

<Character ID> can be found by using the Charinfo work and gliding over the Crusader Kings 2 individual’s name.

<Province ID> thinks about to the “ID” number found in the diagram of Counties.

Displace spaces in limit names with highlight (_).

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Crusader Kings 2 Common Cheats

charinfo = Show quick and dirty character, an area, and different information in the Crusader Kings 2 obliterate title command tooltip while mousing over the huge portrayal or image. Particularly used to find the critical IDs needed for various cheats.

age <Character ID> (- )(#) = Add or deduct character age.

shame (- )(#) = Add or remove players lowness

add strategy <Character ID> (- )(#) = Add or deduct character consideration.

add_martial <Character ID> (- )(#) = Add or deduct character military.

add_intrigue <Character ID> (- )(#) = Add or remove character interest.

add_stewardship <Character ID> (- )(#) = Add or deduct character stewardship.

add_learning <Character ID> (- )(#) = Add or remove character learning.

add_trait <Trait Name> <Character ID> = Gives character any quality.

☀add_trait immortal= adds relentlessness characteristic

remove_trait <Trait Name> <Character ID> = Remove any quality from the character.

cash (- )(#) = Add/deduct player gold, gives 5000 default.

dedication (- )(#) = Add/remove player commitment, gives 5000 default.

reputation (- )(#) = Add/remove player regard, gives 5000 default.

people (- )(#) = Adds people (Requires Horse Lords DLC)

Work (- )(#) = Adds work (Requires Horse Lords DLC)

culture <Character ID> <Culture> = Change character culture (for example, “culture italian”).

religion <Character ID> <Religion> = Change character religion (for example, “religion catholic”).

sobriquet <Nickname> <Character ID> = Change character moniker (monikers on lower part of page).

add_friend <Character ID> = Befriends the player and express character (Two character ID’s can be commitment to become acquainted with two unequivocal characters).

add_lover <Character ID> = the player and express character become sweethearts (Two character ID’s can be commitment to belover two unequivocal characters).

add_artifact <artifact ID><character ID> = Give old extraordinariness to a character