How to Complete the Equipment Tracker Mastery in Guild Wars 2

Complete the Equipment Tracker Mastery in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is brimming with risky foes dispersed through the desert, as well as NPCs needing assistance. At the point when you come to the Elon Riverlands, you will get the opportunity to recover five bits of protective layer for Shadi, an individual from the Sunspears. These reinforcement pieces are situated in different spots around the guide and can be hard to track down.

In this aide, we will investigate how to finish the Equipment Tracker accomplishment, as well as what the prizes are. This accomplishment won’t show up in your accomplishments gw2 magic hunter prior to talking with Shadi interestingly, so we should investigate where you can view as her.

How to Complete the Equipment Tracker Mastery in Guild Wars 2

The Elon Riverlands map has a few intriguing Mastery Points, which lead players across the different locales of the area. A portion of these are basic and simple to finish, much as you’ll find in different guides where players need just communicate with the Mastery Insight Point. Nonetheless, some are a touch more muddled and require a few assortment and accomplishment fulfillments to acquire. For instance, the Equipment Tracker accomplishment takes players on a scrounger chase type journey across the guide to acquire some lost stuff.

Beginning the Quest

To start the Quest, players need to address Master Sergeant Shadi, who is situated at the upper left of the guide. She’ll be remaining external her headquarters, and on the off chance that you address her, she’ll enlighten you regarding the various bits of stuff she’s lost and their overall areas, Mastery Insight Points and how to track down them.

Shadi’s Sword

The principal piece of hardware you’ll be looking for is Shadi’s Sword. To acquire it, you’ll have to make a beeline for the left of Shadi to where the Veteran Fire Djinn is prowling. Whenever you’ve crushed him, you’ll get Shadi’s Sword, and the accomplishment level will spring up on your screen. The Veteran Fire Djinn is certainly not a troublesome adversary, however he has three Fire Imps that watch around him, so you’ll have to look out.

Shadi’s Boots

The following piece of stuff you’ll need to set out toward is found south of Shadi’s camp. You’ll perceive the region by the uncovering hardware and the tall support points. There is an occasion that produces at this area, Farm Spirit Shards however finishing it’s excessive. All things considered, you’ll have to search for a Skritt named Veteran Chikkchakk, who is in a tent, and whenever you’ve addressed him, beat him up for Shadi’s Boots.

Shadi’s Gloves

Beginning from the Skimmer Ranch Waypoint, you’ll have to go out toward the south over the water. Utilizing a Skimmer or a flying Mount to arrive at the pillar’s likely best. Shadi’s Gloves are situated in a Pile of Leaves, which you’ll have to cooperate with to acquire them.

Shadi’s Armor

Beginning from the Skimmer Ranch Waypoint, head straightforwardly east and afterward up north over the sand trap. You will require either a Skimmer or a Skyscale to get into the cavern. When you’re inside, you’ll need to fend off several Forged. Shadi’s Armor is situated in a Hermit’s Chest behind them.

Shadi’s Helm

Beginning from the Augury’s Shadow Waypoint and heading up north, you’ll have to continue into the Branded region. Shadi’s Helm is situated inside a cavern in a Pile of Equipment at the back and is watched by two Ogres that you’ll have to overcome.

Organization Wars 2: What is some solid counsel for another player of GW2?

  • I’d most likely beginning with a gatekeeper, do the way of fire story line to get mounts – the raptor and springer make map clearing quite simple. Arriving at a higher Point of Interest or Vista was an aggravation without the hopping capacity of the Springer.
  • A decent society will give an organization lobby to hit “G” and auction stuff simple for more stock room and afterward you leave GH – and you are back where you were previously. That ought to assist with the standard stock space issue new players generally run into. Before you have your creating abilities to a significant level, you can request that other guildies make bigger sacks for you – assuming you give the materials (mats).
  • The flying mounts take more time to get and are more costly, yet essentially assuming you like the game – you will make it happen.
  • Your play style might make other sort of characters really engaging. I use to play ele a long time back, however I began to see so many gatekeeper/Dragon Hunters – that I bounced on that temporary fad.

How might I work on my exhibition in Guild Wars 2?

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