How to Claim Starpath Navigation Rewards in Tower of Fantasy

As you start your process Claim Starpath Navigation rewards in Tower of Fantasy, there will be lots of remunerations, including a free SSR character in the wake of getting done with explicit responsibilities in the game. You can get the free SSR on the SSR Selector Box from the Starpath Navigation occasion tab. You should get no less than 700 Points to get the SSR Selector Box and get the free SSR, while a sum of 1400 Points are expected to guarantee each prize from the occasion.

Pinnacle of Fantasy just had its Global send off and they are inviting the novices with the Starpath Navigation occasion where players can get a few vital drops that would help a ton in advancing in the game. The occasion will keep going for 21 days from the making of the Character. This guide will assist layers with procuring focuses tower of fantasy pre register rewards during the occasion which can be traded for important prizes.

How to Claim Starpath Navigation Rewards in Tower of Fantasy

  • The Starpath Navigation is a little occasion that happens at whatever point you make another person in a server. To find it, you can open the Rewards Box Get Onions in the upper right corner of the screen after you have opened it, and afterward click on Newcomer Event at the base. You will see the screen beneath, which will have many little difficulties for you to finish.
  • As you complete each test, come here and guarantee the focuses for satisfying its guidelines, and you will gradually build to the point of starting reclaiming grants. Whenever you have enough, click on the Points Rewards button in the base right of the screen to guarantee rewards, see your improvement, and perceive that you are so near the following level of remunerations.
  • It means quite a bit to take note of that you are basically on a clock for this occasion. It just a short time after you make your personality. There are different awards for all levels in the occasion, including Gold, Singularity Rocks Gold Nucleus, Matrix Data Packs, and Elemental Ore Shard Boxes, yet likely the greatest prize is the SSR Weapon Box you get when you have collected 700 focuses in the occasion. On the off chance that you have gotten far to the point of getting this, we would agree that you have made a fruitful showing in the occasion.

Why is Tower of Fantasy so well known?

Since Tencent spent a ton of $$$ to work everything out. It’s advertised as “Genshin-executioner”, clearly it’s extremely advertised up the present moment, I’ve attempted it and it’s meh. Story seems like cop out right out of genshin, the disturbance, Claim Starpath Navigation rewards in Tower of Fantasy secret request attempting to do obscure poop yadda.

Moves of livelinesss don’t appear to be smooth by any stretch of the imagination, numerous NPCs need character and energy that Genshin NPCs have, journeys are very MMOish and sub-par, puzzles are again exceptionally faltering and there’s undeniably less chests to go around, particularly investigating more unfamiliar spots and so forth.

What is a valid justification why I ought to peruse “Pinnacle of God”?

  • I read different responses and tracked down this reason normal across them (which is likewise my explanation). The plot and storyline are mammoth. Unexpected developments Claim Starpath Navigation rewards in Tower of Fantasy and treacheries are more normal than quips!
  • Have you perused One Piece Manga? Indeed, the number most-selling manga ever which brags of its goliath and enamoring storyline! However, not many mangas arrive at this level and I’m pleased to say, SIU has accomplished a comparable accomplishment (not a similar level!).