How to Change Your Username In Minecraft

How to Change Your Username In Minecraft – Full Guide

In Minecraft, your username fills in as your character in the game. Assuming that you wish to change your username under any condition, this guide will walk you through the moves toward do as such. We will investigate how to change your username in Minecraft, reasons why you might want to change it, factors to consider before changing, and ways to choose a new username.

How to Change Your Username In Minecraft

How to Change Your Username in Minecraft:

To change your username in Minecraft, follow these means:

Visit the Minecraft Site: Go to the official Minecraft site ( using an internet browser.

Sign in to Your Account: Sign in to your Minecraft account using your existing username and password.

Go to Account Settings: Once signed in, navigate to the “Account Settings” or “Profile” part of your account. This can usually be found in the account menu or profile dropdown.

Change Your Username: Search for the choice to change your username. Enter your ideal new username in the gave field. Remember that your new username should meet certain prerequisites set by Minecraft, for example, character cutoff points and availability.

Affirm the Changes: After entering your new username, follow the prompts to affirm the changes. Minecraft may incite you to enter your account password or give additional verification.

Wait for the Changes to Take Impact: Whenever you have affirmed the changes, Minecraft will deal with the solicitation. Your username will be updated across Minecraft’s servers and platforms. Note that it may require some investment for the changes to completely propagate.

Why You Might Want to Change Your Username in Minecraft:

There are various reasons why you might want to change your username in Minecraft, for example,

Personal Inclination: You may essentially want a new username that better mirrors your personality or interests.

Privacy Concerns: If your current username contains personal information or is easily identifiable, changing it can assist with protecting your privacy online.

Rebranding: In the event that you have a YouTube channel, streaming account, or online presence related to Minecraft, changing your username can align it with your brand.

What to Consider Before Changing Your Username in Minecraft:

Before changing your username in Minecraft, consider the following factors:

Impact on Companions and Networks: Changing your username will affect how others perceive and communicate with you in-game. Make sure your companions and networks are aware of your new username to avoid disarray.

Server or Realm Compatibility: Assuming that you regularly play on unambiguous servers or realms, confirm whether changing your username will impact your access or enrollment.

How to Pick a Good New Username:

While selecting a new username for Minecraft, remember these tips:

Be Novel: Pick a username that is distinct and not easily mistaken for other people.

Mirror Your Interests: Consider incorporating your leisure activities, favorite characters, or something that addresses your personality into your username.

Keep it Memorable: Settle on a username that is easy to recall and articulate.

How to Change Your Username In Minecraft


Changing your username in Minecraft is a straightforward cycle that can be finished through the Minecraft site. Consider your reasons for changing, the impact on companions and networks, and select a new username that aligns with your interests and is memorable. Partake in the revived way of life as you continue your Minecraft adventures with a new username.