car loan for self-employed malaysia

Car Loan For Self-Employed Malaysia

This guide is about Car Loan For Self-Employed Malaysia. Indeed, assuming you’re planning on taking out a loan to finance that purchase, there’s some things you want to realize about car loans. Read on for an inside and out check out at this exceptionally necessary loan item.

You have your permit to drive and presently you’re searching for the right car to take you from Point A to Point B and in the middle between, yet did you consider how you’ll pay for it?

Since the vast majority don’t have large stores of cash simply lying around, this purchase is usually made with the assistance of car loans. Before taking one out however, now is the right time to get to know car loans, here’s our top on 5 on what you really want to be aware.

car loan for self-employed malaysia

Car Loan For Self-Employed Malaysia

What is a Car Loan?

A car loan in Malaysia is a sort of loan that is taken by an individual for the sole reason of purchasing a car. By taking up this loan, this individual is secured to a formal composed agreement where the borrower (car purchaser) is obliged to pay the loan amount in addition to premium to the moneylender (banks, financial agents, and so on) over a predefined timeframe. Assuming that the individual fails to do as such inside the said timeframe, it may bring about the car being repossessed by the loan specialist.

Kinds Of Car Loans

Kinds Of Car Loans Based On The Guideline Of Financing

Based on the guideline of financing, there are two sorts of car loans available for clients:

Conventional Car Loan: A conventional Car Loan furnishes an individual with assets to purchase a car. It covers all new, utilized and unregistered and reconditioned cars. The margin of financing with a conventional car loan really depends on 90% of the vehicles cost. A conventional loan accompanies an adaptable repayment residency that can be stretched out to 9 years.

Islamic Car Loan: Islamic car loans are based on Shariah standards of financing. The responsibility for car is transferred to the individual once the repayment is finished. The Islamic car loans accompany a high margin of financing, for example up to 90% to 100 percent of the car’s cost.

Who Can Apply For A Car Loan

The qualification criteria of a car loan are as per the following:

  • Individuals applying for a car loan should be at least 18 years old at the application date.
  • Individuals should be Malaysian residents.
  • Any salary earning individuals, self-employed individuals, public listed companies, private limited companies, sole proprietorships, and partnerships can apply for a car loan.
  • The car loans that are available for foreigners expect them to be accompanied with a local guarantor.

car loan for self-employed malaysia

Records Expected For A Car Loan

The arrangement of records required may vary from one applicant to another. Coming up next are the arrangements of reports expected to be introduced by the applicants:

For Salary Earning Individual Applicants:

  • Duplicates of the two sides of NRIC.
  • One duplicate of driving permit.
  • Salary slips’ duplicates for the last 1-6 months (contingent on the loan package).
  • Bank/passbook statement for the last 1-6 months.
  • Latest EA form or EPF statement.
  • Business confirmation letter.

For Self-employed Individuals, Sole Proprietors, And Partners Of A Partnership:

  • Duplicates of the two pages of NRIC.
  • One duplicate of driving permit.
  • Business registration certificate.
  • Latest Borang/Accompany the validated receipt of tax payment LHDN.
  • Bank statement for the 3 to 6 latest months.
  • A relevant business pay proof record.

For Private Limited Companies:

  • Latest form 9, 13, 24, and 49.
  • Bank statements for the 3-6 late months.
  • Ensured genuine duplicates of Articles of Association and Memorandum.
  • Profile of the company’s chief
  • Management’s profile.
  • A duplicate of the Certificate of Beginning of Business.

For Public Listed Companies:

  • Latest audited annual financial statement.
  • Latest form 24 and 49.

For Foreign Applicants:

  • One duplicate of passport.
  • One duplicate of contract letter, or
  • One duplicate of work letter.