How to Get the Best and Worst Ending in Dying Light 2 – Ultimate Guide

Best and Worst Ending in Dying Light 2. There are basically five results in Dying Light 2 – yet depending on certain story decisions leading as yet, you could see a few distinctions in how Aiden closes his excursion.

Following the tradition of its ancestor, Dying Light 2 additionally follows the custom of having various endings, depending on the decisions. All through the playthrough, there will come minutes when you should settle on genuinely challenging decisions that will in some cases determine the destiny of your number one person and perhaps influence the ending.

However, the vast majority of your decisions in the story, aside from a few significant ones, won’t influence the story at all. Eventually, your activities will shape the story’s bearing.

Need to know how to get the best Dying Light 2 ending? All through your playthrough of Dying Light 2, there are various game changing minutes where you should settle on hard choices which can influence the ending you get in the Epilog. In Techland’s freshest story there is no unmistakable correct a ton of the time, and it’s rarely clear which choices influence the ending and which don’t.

Beneath we’ll walk you through everything that can influence which of the 8 (indeed, 8!) Dying Light 2 endings you can get. We’ll discuss every one of the significant decisions and what they change in the Epilog, close by walkthroughs of how to get the absolute best and worst endings in the game.

How to Get the Best and Worst Ending in Dying Light 2

How Many Endings Are There In The Game?

There are just TWO significant results in the game, with FOUR other endings — including a secret one. Rename Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet This guide will spread out those in detail, and just a handful of decisions in the game will straightforwardly influence the ending.


One of the decisions that you will over and over need to settle on is the choice of killing or sparing the existence of Hakon. To get the best ending, you will require him to be alive toward the finish of the game. Toward the finish of the Old Villedor segment, you will be provoked to either help him when he gets trapped or pass on him there to kick the bucket. For the best ending, you would have to assist him with making it out of his dilemma alive.

Frank Marwey

Frank is perhaps of the main person in the game, and his endurance is fundamental assuming you are to close with the most satisfying ending. Siding with Frank during the VNC Tower mission is incredibly critical, as he will actually want to caution the Survivors’ group of the incoming air strikes and save lives.

The Best Ending

  • To accomplish the best ending, you should:
  • Keep Hakon alive till the end.
  • Side with Frank in the VNC Tower Mission.

Allow Lawan to detonate the bombs in X13 Mission (Here’s while keeping Hakon demonstrates productive as he will rush in to save Lawan and the city simultaneously).

In the event that you pursue every one of the decisions referenced above, Old Villedor won’t get destroyed, and Lawan will leave the city with you as an explorer.

The Worst Ending

To accomplish the worst conceivable ending under any condition, you ought to settle on the following decisions:

  • Not save Hakon on any event in the game.
  • Pick some other decision at the VNC Tower mission than Frank.
  • Leave Mia and save Lawan during the X13 Mission.

Saving Lawan in the epilog implies you will leave Mia, get Lawan and run out of the base. As a result of this, the rockets will be sent off and crush the vast majority of the city.

The Secret Ending

This ending is kind of mixed as it winds up destroying the Old Villedor, and Lawan will not join you on your excursion as an explorer. Instead, Hakon has her spot and leaves with you toward the end. For this ending, you should:

  • Save Lawan in the X13 mission.
  • Keep Hakon alive all through the game.

The Survivor Ending

To arrive at this resolution, you should agree with the Night Sprinters and turn down the Peacekeepers. For this ending:

  • Side with Frank in the VNC Tower mission.
  • Decide to trust Colonel Williams instead of Jack Matt.
  • Pursue every one of the decisions you made in the “Best Ending“.

This ending ensures the survivors end up on top, as this is what Lawan and the other Night Sprinters need. However, the outcomes of this ending will bring about the Rebels’ control of the city, as there is no other power present to go against them.

How to Get the Best and Worst Ending in Dying Light 2

What makes Dying Light a game worth playing?

I purchased Dying Light in a Steam sale after it was praised on a podcast (Gamers With Occupations). I’m a major fan of loathsomeness games, and this looked fun from some YouTube cuts.

I was unable to get into it from the outset, and after two attempts abandoned the game. Mela in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. I had not even finished the tutorial.

The reason for this is that I HATE platform games, and especially FPS games that put platforming into their levels (Destruction, I’m looking at you here !)

However, the story doesn’t end here. A half year later I upgraded my PC with a GTX 1070, and started going back through my library to see what everything seems to be on Ultra Rich settings.

I wound up mainlining Dying Light as my main game for over 30hours. It is sooo great. The trouble ramps up noticeably, yet never feels unfair. A portion of the missions are incredibly fun, however the game really shines in unscripted mayhem is by all accounts included within even the most mundane of runs.

What are the most tear jerking game endings of all time?

A straightforward elegant game about a fictional tale, inspired by real life accounts, of a gathering during the time of The Second Great War in Europe, preceding the arrival of the Americans.

it was a tomfoolery game, it had a few really awesome minutes… yet I also can not play it again. Not because it was damaging or heart breaking (it was REALLLY heart breaking), but since the feeling I felt from that game was so raw at the end, I would rather not weaken that memory of that experience for quite a while.

It’s a side-scroller game btw, with some really cool layering affects, fun riddles, and a few game collectibles that you can look into some real life info on them (either things, or occasions, or individuals, and so on).

For quite a while, I assumed I was unusual for having such raw feeling from this game. Obviously, on the off chance that you go watch some We should Play recordings on Youtube… you’ll see many individuals had the same reaction.