How to Beat the Sorcerer in Eiyunden Chronicle: Rising

Beat the Sorcerer in Eiyunden Chronicle: Rising is at last accessible, and the game was generally welcomed here at LOGNET. Obviously, there were a few precarious pieces in the game also, including the infamous mushroom collecting journey that will probably make you smack your head from dissatisfaction. A portion of the manager battles can set up a respectable battle also. Be that as it may, don’t worry, we got you covered. Master Addict from ILP plunked down with LOGNET and together we’ve assembled an extensive Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising supervisor guide beneath. Be cautioned a portion of the supervisors could over-indulge the game for you. Thus, eiyuden chronicle season tread carefully.

How to Beat the Sorcerer in Eiyunden Chronicle: Rising

  • Congrats, you have come to the last chief. The Sorcerer has assumed control over the body of Isha’s dad, Daksa, and you should bring him down for good. The Sorcerer battle is parted into two distinct structures meaning two totally various battles.
  • The primary structure is the Sorcerer as Daksa, Lode Golem who floats around projecting various spells. He will shoot lightning bolts down from the sky, however like in the past manager battles, a red line will show up concerning where the bolt will land. The Sorcerer likewise has an ice spell that is pretty much the direct inverse of his lightning spell. He will through monster ice shards across the screen evenly, giving a similar red line cautioning as the lightning assault. This is a harder assault to evade as you can’t get around it. Assuming he ends up reaching skyward where you’re as of now on the ground, that is perfect, however in the event that not, you’ll need to scrutinize your evading ability. Whether that be CJ’s quickstep, Garoo’s square, or Isha’s magically transport, that will be the best method for staying away from the assault. We suggest involving Garoo’s square as there is no timing engaged with succeeding, however assuming you are more OK with another person, go ahead and attempt it that way.
  • The Sorcerer’s fire assault is like the Blizzard Brothers, with the exception of this time around, fireballs rather than ice are following you. This is the Sorcerer’s most awful assault, so it is generally a decent sign to see this. In conclusion, he has an earth spell that serves more as a guarded move than a hostile. By calling an earth divider, he will safeguard the front of himself, so you want to obliterate the divider and assault him in a more uncovered state. It isn’t required on the off chance that you can go after him from behind, yet it is a more clear choice.
  • Once crushing his most memorable structure, the Sorcerer will transform into this monster dim chunk of energy with a few arms. This time not at all like previously, Blizzard Brothers he will be safeguarded. While he is protected, he will keep himself above and somewhat out of the screen, so the most effective way you can hit him is utilizing your connection assault, which now, assuming you’ve been doing side journeys, can interface five or multiple times. While he is staying away, he will call dim husk foes for you to kill and destroy dim spheres. Any place the spheres land, you will take harm over the long run on the off potential for success that you have in them. By utilizing one of the two stages accessible to you, the assault can be abstained from by remaining under one of them and involving it as an umbrella.
  • After enough time elapses, or on the other hand assuming you bring down the Sorcerer’s safeguard, he will descend and uncover himself totally. During this time, he does likewise goes after as he has done previously. Whenever you get his wellbeing to half, you enter his subsequent stage. In the subsequent stage, he will utilize an arm assault that terrains close to the center of the screen and will send a shockwave towards the external piece of the screen.
  • At the point when he at last loses the entirety of his wellbeing, congrats, you have beaten the tale of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.

Assuming that Eiyuden Chronicle depends on old China, for what reason would they say they are adding two dark characters into it?

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