How To Beat The Gold Hoarder in Sea Of Thieves

Beat The Gold Hoarder in Sea Of Thieves is the main manager of the ninth Tall Tale named the Shores of Gold and is a fundamentally challenging rival for players in an extensive, temple sweating fight. The other Shores of Gold Tall Tale itself is likewise lengthy in term, with a progression of precarious snags to reveal, so it’s an endeavor best taken on by bigger groups, however it is workable for solo-sloop mariners to finish. This article contains spoilers and spotlights mainly on the fight with the Gold Hoarder rather than the variable preceding riddle occasions of section 1 of the Tall Tale that lead players to the penultimate manager fight.

In Sea of Thieves legend, the Gold Hoarder is known as the Founder of the Gold Hoarder’s Trading Company and is a strong awe-inspiring phenomenon, with two shroud stones for eyes and an insatiable desire for gold. For privateers capable, it’s as yet worth beating the Gold Hoarder, remembering the expressions of the Pirate Lord that it’s about the magnificence, not the gold. Albeit, the 10,000 gold prize and different Commendations are still sweet to have, especially for the people who can accomplish the Shores of Gold Curse.

How To Beat The Gold Hoarder in Sea Of Thieves

How To Beat The Gold Hoarder in Sea Of Thieves

In the past segments of this aide, Save Jay in As Dusk Falls we covered how to Find the Shores of Gold and the aides and answers for the West, East, North, and South Vaults. In this segment of the aide, we will cover how to get to the Gold Hoarder’s Lair and rout him to finally wrap up this story unequivocally.

Before we begin, to finish this piece of the aide, you should have settled every one of the four Vault Puzzles and gathered the Medallions for every one. We will begin this aide from the second you have put each of the four Medallions in the Compass Room.

On the off chance that you have not found the Shores of Gold or have not obtained every one of the Medallions, you can follow the fitting links underneath to that guide segment. We additionally unequivocally suggest looking for the Hidden Journals on this experience. They give a lot more prominent insight into Briggsy, who we accept to be the main person in this entire questline.

The main thing you’ll believe should do is take the Gold Hoarder Medallion you just obtained to your boat. No, truly. Take it to your boat and put it some place safe. Assuming you have similar experience we did, you’ll see that the Shores of Gold are a piece buggy, and you can undoubtedly lose this Medallion in the sand. That being said, you’ll need to put this Medallion on your Ship, free from any potential harm, until you gain admittance to the Gold Hoarders Lair Entryway.

How To Beat The Gold Hoarder in Sea Of Thieves

What is the max level for Gold Hoarder in Sea of Thieves?

Each group is right now covered at level 50. Anybody reaching that point in every one of the three groups can take the journey to turn into a Pirate Legend.

The Gold Hoarder’s Skull must be gotten as a prize for killing the Gold Hoarder. The Gold Hoarder is the final Skeleton Lord manager of the Shores of Gold Tall Tale. Therefore the Skull is a prize for finishing the Tall Tale.

How do you beat the gold hoarder boss?

This battle can take extremely lengthy on a Galleon group, so be ready to spend no less than 20 minutes in there. In the Dark Brethren fanciful story, you find support from Jack Sparrow, where he will shoot a Cannon at the Gold Hoarder, and occasionally drop Gunpowder Barrels to assist with killing him.

The Kraken is, beyond question, the most challenging foe to fight in Sea Of Thieves.