How to Beat the Abyssal Serpent in Gunfire Reborn

Beat the Abyssal Serpent in Gunfire Reborn is really a gathering of 4 unique snakes that share a similar Health.png Health? bar. Every one is equipped for going after freely paying little mind to what the others are doing, except if they are moving or playing out a gathering assault. Each time a snake assaults, it will plunge back under the water, making it difficult to harm and eliminating every basic impact and other status impacts, like Bleeding.

Any Fire.png Fire? weapon is the best against them since they have no Shields.png Shields? or then again Armor.png Armor?. Hitting their points of concern is an outright absolute requirement, since harm taken to the remainder of its body is diminished by 95%. Going for the gold scales on the snakes is the most straightforward, since they become huge, uncovered focuses after specific assaults. Their eyes can likewise be focused on for basic hits, stages gunfire reborn however are a far more modest objective and have no great chances to hit them.

How to Beat the Abyssal Serpent in Gunfire Reborn

The Abyssal Serpent adheres to the guideline supervisor design in Gunfire Reborn: one gather ability and four assaults. Players ought to know about a few one of a kind parts of the Abyssal Serpent, in any case:

  • There are four Serpent heads that share a similar wellbeing bar, and extra Serpents are brought as harm is managed in view of quarters.
  • When a Serpent recuperates from its assault, Tame a Maewing it drops submerged and moves to another area — when it goes submerged, it eliminates all debuffs from itself applied by legends.
  • At its most fundamental structure, the supervisor battle is generally direct: don’t remain in a red region, and hop the waves.

The Serpent Tongue Summons

  • The Abyssal Serpent has a particular gather called Serpent Tongues. These Tongues have low wellbeing and bring forth at the forwardmost region of the manager field to shoot wads of water to players. These bundles of water move gradually, yet it gives players a decision. They can save these tongues until they need to strike to recover wellbeing/safeguard (or reinforcement, on account of Qing Yan), or they can run advances and immediately dispense with these dangers.
  • As the manager battle advances, bringing more Serpent heads with additional concurrent assaults, players will need to eliminate these Serpent Tongues when they produce right away. When four heads are in play, there is next to no concerning safe regions on the stage, and these Serpent Tongues will eliminate what is left.

All The Abyssal Serpent assaults in Gunfire Reborn

There are four Abyssal Serpent goes after that players should find out more about. Fortunately, every one of the four heads don’t go after immediately, Simulate Practice allowing new players an opportunity to get familiar with the assaults for the primary quarter of its wellbeing bar. The assaults are clear — it’s when different heads participate in the assaults that make this supervisor a party wipe.


A red line will show up from the Serpent to the rear of the field. Presently a while later, the Serpent thrusts across the stage and endeavors to eat any legend got; all legends trapped in the AoE demonstrated will take a weight of harm. Avoid this assault, and spotlight fire on the sparkling scales on the Serpent’s neck.

Water Ball

A Serpent head will balance upwards, and a red circle will show up on the floor of the stage. Get out of the circle, and avoid the enormous Water Ball spat by the Abyssal Serpent.


A Serpent Head will twist in reverse (away from the players), then, at that point, swing around aside. This will then call a wave that breadths over the field, which players should jump over. This is the main assault that doesn’t have an AoE marker on the stage: players should watch the Serpent heads to know when this assault will strike.

Bunch Bite

When the Abyssal Serpent is at 25% wellbeing or underneath (when each of the four heads are in play), they will at times play out a Group Bite when every one of the four heads arrive at across the stage and endeavor to play out a synchronized Bite. This assault is dangerous: there is no place for development blunder.

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