How To Beat Auntie Ethel In Baldur’s Gate 3

How To Beat Auntie Ethel In Baldur’s Gate 3 [Full Guide]

Auntie Ethel is a challenging rival in Baldur’s Gate 3, and defeating her requires strategic planning and cautious execution. She is a strong witch situated in the swamp region, and her abilities can be lethal on the off chance that not handled as expected. In this aide, we will investigate the best ways to beat Auntie Ethel and give some supportive tips and tricks to further develop your generally interactivity in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How To Beat Auntie Ethel In Baldur’s Gate 3

The Best Ways to Beat Auntie Ethel:

Party Composition: Ensure your party consists of a fair blend of classes and abilities. Having characters with high harm yield, healing spells, swarm control, and resistances will be advantageous in the fight against Auntie Ethel.

Get ready Before the Fight: Before engaging in the battle, buff your party with accommodating spells and abilities. Spells like Bless, Security from Malevolent and Great, and Help can give essential bonuses during the experience.

Swarm Control: Auntie Ethel can summon minions to help her in fight. Use swarm control spells and abilities to deal with the adds and keep them from overwhelming your party. Spells like Sleep, Ensnare, and Web can be compelling in controlling the combat zone.

Dispel Wizardry: Auntie Ethel has various otherworldly effects that can be tricky during the battle. Have a person with Dispel Wizardry arranged to eliminate her buffs and debuffs on your party.

Use Basic Attacks: Auntie Ethel is resistant to non-mystical weapon attacks. Use spells or weapons that bargain basic harm (such as shoot, cold, or lightning) to bypass her resistances.

Security from Poison: Auntie Ethel can use poison attacks, so consider having characters shielded from poison harm to lessen its effect on your party.

Development and Positioning: Be mindful of your party’s positioning during the fight. Spread out to keep away from area-of-impact attacks and maintain distance from Auntie Ethel to minimize the effect of her skirmish attacks.

Tips and Tricks for Baldur’s Gate 3:

Save Frequently: Save your game oftentimes, especially before challenging encounters like the one with Auntie Ethel. This way, you can reload and attempt various strategies if necessary.

Investigate Completely: Baldur’s Gate 3 is loaded up with stowed away treasures, quests, and encounters. Carve out opportunity to investigate the world to gain insight, find strong items, and discover useful information.

Talk and Interact: Participate in conversations with NPCs and party members. Exchange choices can influence your relationships and open up new quests or possibilities.

Use Camps: Resting in camps allows you to mend, recuperate spells, and plan for upcoming challenges. Use camps strategically to be at your best during troublesome encounters.

Embrace Experimentation: Be encouraged by defeats. Try different things with various strategies and approaches to battles to find the most powerful method for overcoming challenging opponents.

How To Beat Auntie Ethel In Baldur’s Gate 3


Beating Auntie Ethel in Baldur’s Gate 3 requires cautious planning, smart use of abilities, and strategic decision-making. Use swarm control, basic attacks, and appropriate positioning to gain a benefit in the fight. Also, apply tips and tricks like saving frequently, intensive investigation, and embracing experimentation to improve your generally speaking ongoing interaction experience. With determination and planning, may you arise victorious against Auntie Ethel and continue your exciting adventures in the captivating universe of Baldur’s Gate 3.