Elden Ring: All Sacred Tear Churches Locations

It isn’t that complicated to Understand all Sacred Tear Churches Locations in Elden Ring. There are two carafes, one reestablishes center power, and the other reestablishes wellbeing power. In any case, redesigning these require two things, “Brilliant Seed” and “Sacred Tear”. Brilliant seeds increment the times you can utilize the jars, though the sacred tears increment the intensity of how much HP or FP reestablished. In this aide, we will take a gander at Elden Ring Sacred Tear locations to assist us with winning our next fight.

In this Elden Ring Sacred Tear guide, we’ll show you where to track down each Sacred Tear in the Lands Between to upgrade your Flasks of Crimson and Cerulean Tears. Sacred Tears are generally found at churches. Sacred Tears are consumable things you’ll spend at destinations of beauty to overhaul your Sacred Flasks. All sacred tears elden ring you use expands how much HP or FP your Flasks reestablish.

Elden Ring: All Sacred Tear Churches Locations

Sacred Tears are things that you can use to Level up the power of your jars. To apply them, you must be at a Site of Grace, where in addition to the fact that you Sacred Tear Churches Locations redesign can your jars, yet you can likewise dole out the number of purposes you need of which jar as per the all out utilizes that you have.

Sacred tears are found all through the game in the primary regions, Limgrave, Weeping Peninsula, Caelid, Liurnia of the Lakes, Altus Plateau, and Mountain Tops of the Giants. There are 12 of them known at this point, and they’re found in separated Sacred Tear Churches Locations all through the Lands Between. In any case, do take note of that these are only the ongoing observed Tears, there might actually more as the guide is colossal and new things and spots are found constantly!

In this way, assuming you in all actuality do run into a congregation, make a point to view. Be that as it may, few out of every odd single church has one. For instance, Sacred Tear Churches Locations of Elleh doesn’t. However, most churches with the sculpture of Marika will have the Sacred Tear at the lower part of the sculpture. In spite of the fact that there are more churches in the game than the ones referenced here, we just referenced the ones that have “Sacred Tear” in them at their raised areas.

Limgrave Churches

Here are the churches found in the beginning area, Limgrave. There is just a single eminent church:

Third Church of Marika

Sacred Tear Churches Locations

The third Church of Marika can be seen as on the west side of Caelid, north of the Siofra River Well, and southeast of Summonwater Village, as displayed in the picture. In any case, maybe the least demanding method for remembering this is that it is only north of the Site of Grace right close to it.

To arrive at the Third Church of Marika, you can quick head out to the Gatefront Ruins in Limgrave and go East to the Mistwoods. You will actually want to get the Limgrave East guide section, on the off chance that you have not as of now, which will uncover the guide. There onwards, it is an excursion up north to the congregation.

Sobbing Peninsula Churches

You can observe three Sacred Tear Churches Locations. Albeit some might consider Weeping Peninsula the southernmost mark of Limgrave, we chose to separate this into another classification.

Callu Baptismal Church

Callu Baptismal Church can be observed southwest of the South of the Lookout Tower Grace Site and west of the Castle Morne Rampart Grace Site, as displayed.

Be that as it may, do be cautious as there can be numerous foes found in the encompassing. A goliath rodent encompassed by different rodents will go after you, compelling you to manage them to securely get into the congregation.

Fourth Church of Marika

Sacred Tear Churches Locations

In the event that you just visited the Callu Baptismal Church then this one is direct. You can track down the Fourth Church of Marika straightforwardly west of the Callu Baptismal Church. Specifically, southwest of Weeping Evergoal and northwest of Tombsward Cave. There are watches outside the Callu Baptismal Church, which you can stay away from or battle. Additionally, there is a Site of Grace close to the sculpture also.

Where are the Tears?

I’m 40 hours thought my first playtrough having a fabulous time, the game is astonishing and very charming the thing is correct now im in this well of lava region, really cool killing things is hard with a +6 weapon yet I don’t appear to observe any sacred tears like anyplace in the I map, as of now have 11 cups yet just +1 mending am I missing something or would they say they are this difficult to come by?

Total Number of Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears

I completed the game with an additional 5 brilliant seeds, and no extra sacred tears. Max flagon count is 14 +12 (exceptionally odd decision imo). Does anybody has at least some idea what is the aggregate sum of both of those things? So I know what number of I missed/can stand to skirt in some next playtrough?