Activision Surveys on NFTs, Hyundai Partners with Meta Kongz

Hyundai additionally gave mysterious hints to a potential metaverse in accordance with its previous concept for robots to connect the genuine and virtual universes to upgrade portability. South Korean car maker Hyundai reported on Monday that it has collaborated with the “Meta Kongz” nonfungible token (NFT) venture to make a restricted Activision surveys on NFTs sending off at some point in May 2022.

Activision surveys on NFTs

Hyundai additionally made another Twitter handle, @Hyundai_NFT, for Activision surveys on NFTs-related communications and posted a video showing an enlivened Meta Kong riding through space in a 1975 Hyundai PONY. Remembered for the declaration was a mystery for a further “Falling star NFT,” with a mysterious explanation that it is a “pass to an entirely different world” and could prompt “new NFTs.”

In January, Hyundai shared its “Metamobility” concept of Activision surveys on NFTs a vision for mechanical technology to be a medium between this present reality and the Metaverse so changes clients make in the Metaverse are reflected in actuality, which “permits individuals to defeat the actual limitations of development in existence.”

As a feature of its concept vision, Hyundai expressed:

“With the metaverse set to turn into an everyday space for individuals later on, the organization expects the conceivable rise of another sort of metaverse stage in which the distinction from reality could vanish, Activision surveys on NFTs splitting away from the concept of VR as the world knows it today.”

Hyundai continued its concept, indicating a potential “Hyundai Metamobility universe,” a metaverse with the issuance of different NFTs as portability vehicles.

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