How to Access your Mail in Tower of Fantasy

With the arrival of every extraordinary new game, Access your mail in Tower of Fantasy there will be an enormous flood of players giving it a shot. This is the same with the effective new game Tower of Fantasy, delivered by Hotta Studio and Level Infinite. In this new combination of sci-fi and dream, you should foster your personality and gather new weapons, however this will be considerably more fun with companions to converse with. Other than the game’s talk framework, there is likewise a mail framework that you can ship off pass messages to and fro between companions, as well as get different compensations from the game. So you will have your own snazzy post box.

Whenever you get new mail in Tower of Fantasy, you will be advised with an ‘envelope’ symbol in the upper left corner of your screen, right close to the minimap. You can get to the symbol by tapping on it on your telephone, or by alt-clicking it with your mouse on the PC rendition. This will open the Mailbox menu straightforwardly, without going through the Social Networking menu.

How to Access your Mail in Tower of Fantasy

  • While it’s extremely easy to get to your new mail straightforwardly from the game, Get Tuskmon it is somewhat unique if you need to get to your Mailbox to, for instance, keep an eye on your old mail under any circumstance. In any case, just relax, we’ll tell you the best way to make it happen. The least demanding and quickest approach to that is by going to the Top Menu — press ESC on the PC, or tap on the upper right corner symbol on your cell phone. From that point, click on the Friends symbol. This will take you to the Social Networking menu, and from that point you simply need to tap on the Mailbox tab.
  • In the Mailbox, you can acknowledge and guarantee compensations from the game, keep an eye on messages from your companions, Get Munchygrub Fossils and even do a smidgen of spring cleaning and erase overabundance mail that you don’t require any longer.

How might I tie the game Clash of Kings to another record, other than Game Center or Facebook?

You can tie your record utilizing google account. To tie another record you, most importantly, should tie your ongoing record. From that point forward, Access your mail in Tower of Fantasy click on the symbol on upper left side on game screen. Then, at that point, go to setting and begin new game. In the wake of finishing preliminaries, then tie that record with your another google account. Another thing is , you can tie one google record to just a single Clash of King account.

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