110.7 Billion Baht

EV Sector Reports 110.7 Billion Baht in Investment Applications in Q1

BANGKOK, In line with the Thai government’s arrangement to speed up the development of the 110.7 Billion Baht homegrown market for electric vehicles (EV) and serve to rapidly extend the connected infrastructure, particularly charging stations, the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) today supported revised incentives and conditions for investments in that sector.

110.7 Billion Baht

Adding to the 5-year corporate income charge exclusion accessible to investments in charging stations with somewhere around 40 chargers, 25% of which are DC type, the revised 110.7 Billion Baht measures currently permit more modest charging stations to be qualified to 3-year tax breaks, Ms. Duangjai Asawachintachit, Secretary General of the BOI, told correspondents.

The revised measures likewise annul two necessities, specifically the condition barring investors to get extra advantages from different organizations, and the prerequisite for ISO accreditation. These two circumstances are not generally relevant given that a few chargers could be installed in different foundations like inns and condominiums, not really at commonplace charging stations. In addition, 110.7 Billion Baht in request to guarantee quick development of charging offices, a combination of several help measures might be required.

Charging station investors are currently simply expected with comply to the relevant wellbeing guidelines and to submit either an intend to execute an EV Smart Charging System or to associate with an EV Charging Network Operator Platform which is 110.7 Billion Baht to be developed as a focal instrument to make an effective administration for the two operators and battery electric vehicle (BEV) clients.

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