There Be a God of War 6

Will There Be a God of War 6

After long stretches of waiting, the profoundly anticipated There Be a God of War 6 is available now on PS4 and PS5. Although it’s just barely been released, a few fans are eager to see whether they’ll be more or on the other hand in the event that the Norse story closes with God of War Ragnarok. Fortunately, we have the answers below. There will almost most certainly be a God of War 6. Ragnarok leaves a lot of room open for a spin-off, and Sony won’t end one of its most popular series. We’ll explain for what reason there’ll be another Switch Arrows in God of War, however be warned: there are major spoilers below.

Is there going to be another God of War game after Ragnarok? With the latest game from Sony Santa Monica closing the Norse Saga, players are contemplating whether there will be more God of War games from here on out. God of War Ragnarok brings the Norse Saga of the Sony Santa Monica created story to an end. However it may close the chapter on this part of Kratos’ excursion, players are as yet tracking down a lot to do in the critically acclaimed title.

There Be a God of War 6, two years after its initial announcement, has finally arrived. The spin-off of 2018’s God of War, fans can finally take on Kratos and Atreus’ latest process through the universe of Norse folklore. Fans are clearly eager to finally get their hands on this game, yet some may be interested if this title could be the closure of the series. Here’s beginning and end we are familiar whether God of War Ragnarok will be the last game in the God of War franchise.

Will God of War 3 be a continuation of God of War Ragnarok?

There’ll be a God of War 6, however it probably won’t be a continuation in essence. At the finish of Ragnarok, Atreus departs to track down the giants, and Kratos remains to help remake. In this way, there’s a clean slate for the following game to go anywhere Santa Monica Studio wants to take it.

It seems like the most probable story for There Be a God of War 6 is follow Atreus as he continued looking for the secret giants. According to the devs, Ragnarok is the finish of the Norse chapter, so the following game will probably have us traveling to another location.

Beforehand, Cory Barlog stated that he thought about both the Mayan and Egyptian folklores for God of War (2018) before choosing a Norse topic. The game clues that at least a portion of the giants have departed from the Nine Realms altogether. In this way, we may see God of War 6 present an altogether new setting.

Will There Be a God of War 6?

As of this moment, it’s unclear whether God of War Ragnarok will be the last game in the series. That said, assuming there is another passage, it will not be set in the ongoing era of the series. With the achievement the two sales-wise and ratings-wise, it would make sense for Sony and Santa Monica Studios to want to continue to push GoW games (we want to believe that they do, as well!)

Chief Eric Williams and maker There Be a God of War 6 have both affirmed that the game will be the final passage in the Norse era of the series. Both have affirmed that allowed the five-year cycles that the two Norse-era sections took, extending one single story another five years for a 15-year span would be excessively.

In any case, while this will be the finish of the Norse annals, that doesn’t mean God of War Ragnarok will be the last time we see Kratos and Atreus. In 2018, soon after the release of God of War’s PlayStation 4 passage, Barlog let Kotaku know that he had a five-game plan for the franchise’s future, which would proceed to incorporate God of War Ragnarok. While it’s not satisfactory assuming he actually has four games planned from here on out, it appears to be that the series will return one day later.

That’s all we have on whether God of War Ragnarok will be the last game. For those preparing to hop into Sony Santa Monica’s new title, look at Twinfinite’s aide examining the way in which long the game is.

There Be a God of War 6

What Happens in God of War Ragnarok?

Getting after the occasions of There Be a God of War 6, Kratos and Atreus should deal with the outcomes of their actions in the past game. So they begin a second excursion to stop the apocalypse, Ragnarok.

Baulder’s death and Kratos’ killing of Magni and Modi strained relationships and all however guaranteed more struggle to arise. All the while, Atreus is as yet dealing with his newly discovered way of life as part god and part giant, and Kratos with his long brutal past.

Santa Monica Studio’s next amazing action-adventure game, God of War Ragnarok, is packed with content and finishes up the Norse series.

Whereas the original games adjusted the Spartan storyline, the latest cutting edge iterations are part of the Norse Saga. Try not to worry, we will not be disclosing any spoilers here for how Ragnarok finishes the completely exhilarating storyline.