Where to find Deathroot in Elden Ring

This article is about Where to find Deathroot in Elden Ring. Deathroot is a Key Item in Elden Ring. Deathroot Beast Clergyman looks for and gobbles up these. Key Items in Elden Ring include a wide assortment of things found in explicit areas or are given by a connected NPCs which are utilized to open regions, missions, and to additional advancement the game’s story.

Where to find Deathroot in Elden Ring

As you investigate Elden Ring’s setting of The Lands Between, you could run over a key thing known as the Deathroot Where to find Deathroot in Elden Ring. As is frequently the situation with FromSoftware games, it’s not by and large clear the way in which you utilize this uncommon thing. Nonetheless, giving the Deathroot to the right NPC can permit you to get a few pretty helpful things.

Where to find Deathroot in Elden Ring

After obtaining the Deathroot, you’ll need to converse with D, Hunter of the Dead. D can be found out and about east of Summonwater Village. On the off chance that you’ve addressed him and opened the Roundtable Hold, D will be available in the center region. Converse with him, and you’ll get a brief to show him the Deathroot. He’ll then, at that point, recommend you take it to Gurranq, a Beast Clergyman who longs for Deathroot Where to find Deathroot in Elden Ring. D will stamp a Sending Gate on your guide, which will permit you to get to the Bestial Sanctum, where Gurranq dwells. The Sending Gate is northwest of the Third Church of Marika.


  1. Can be found inside a chest behind the Black Knife Assassin in the Deathtouched Catacombs. Map Link
  2. Obtained while defeating the Tibia Mariner Field Boss at Summonwater Village. Map Link.
  3. Obtained while defeating the Tibia Mariner at Wyndham Ruins. Map Link
  4. Obtained while defeating the Tibia Mariner at Liurnia of the Lakes. Map Link

How to manage the Deathroot in Elden Ring

You can find Deathroot by defeating explicit managers and looting chests. The managers you want to find are the Tibia Mariner. There are three of them in the game. You can find one at the Summonwater Village, Wyndham Ruins in Mt. Gelmir, and afterward the Liurnia of the Lakes in a similar area. Defeating these three managers will acquire you a Deathroot.

You can likewise steal from it from a chest close to the Summonwater Village. You’ll have to go to the Deathtouched Catacombs and fight against the Black Knight Assassin. We suggest defeating this supervisor first and afterward looting the chest for the thing Where to find Deathroot in Elden Ring. You’ll bring these back to the Beastman Clergy, whom you can find out about from D, Hunter of the Dead. At the point when you initially talk with him, he’ll caution you against fighting the Tibia Marnier, however in the event that you do, you can find him back at the Roundtable Hold, and he’ll inform you regarding the Beastman Clergy.

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Where to find Deathroot for Gurranq and D

Whenever you first meet D is while you’re heading east from Saintsbridge in Limgrave. He cautions you of a substance who gains power from death, referring to the Tibia Mariner supervisor found in Summonwater Village. You’re allowed to eliminate the undead warlock there, however I didn’t have to do that during my mission. Instead, D returned later in the main lobby of Roundtable Hold, with two or three Incantation spells available to be purchased.

Presently, suppose that you’ve been following our Limgrave prisons and privileged insights guide. Then, at that point, it’s conceivable that you’ve gotten a Deathroot key thing from the manager in Deathtouched Catacombs. You can bring this (or some other Deathroot you’ve obtained) to D. He’ll then, at that point, propose to introduce you to his buddy, Gurranq, the Beast Clergyman of Caelid.

Where to find Deathroot in Elden Ring

Tibia Mariners

The Tibia Mariners are discretionary supervisors, so you don’t need to in the event that you’re not ready to battle them. Whenever you give your Deathroot to Gurranq, he will remunerate you for each root you give him, up to 5 roots. You won’t get a prize for giving him four roots, however you will get a solid incantation for giving him five.

How I can utilize Deathroot?

Deathroot can be obtained by defeating Tibia Mariner, the Tibia Mariner field chief, and from a chest in the Death Touched Catacombs. Where to find Deathroot in Elden Ring Deathroot can be given to Gurranq, the monster priests, in return for Incantations and Ashes of War. Gurranq can be found at the Bestial Sanctum in upper east Caelid.