Where is The Fish Head in Hello Neighbor 2

Fish Head in Hello Neighbor 2 puzzles reward players with a variety of Achievements. Among the Achievements, there are those related to the story, like completing a certain Act, or secret Achievements like petting the fluffy animals.

Collecting all the Achievements isn’t necessary to finish the game, yet rather rewards completionists who aim to gather all they can. Notwithstanding its straightforwardness, Hello Neighbor 2 requires a fair amount of concentration to open all of Raven Stream’s secret secrets.

Are you wondering how hard it is to obtain all prizes and achievements in Hello Neighbor 2? Hello Neighbor 2 is a relatively short game that you will no doubt beat in 10 hours. You can miss just a handful of achievements during your playthrough, Fish head in Hello Neighbor 2 and the rest you will earn naturally. This means that you can 100 percent this game rapidly and add to your prize or achievement finish percentage. Here is everything you want to be aware of earning all prizes and achievements in Hello Neighbor 2.

where is the fish head in hello neighbor 2

Solve Stuffed Boar Head, Fish Head, and Bear Head Puzzles

In Hello Neighbor 2 more often than not players have to solve the puzzles so they can investigate each and everything about the place and progress in the game. Puzzles are of various sorts like you have to open the locations by finding the entryway keys and things. Hello Neighbor 2 Key Locations You also have to find the stuffed heads of various animals. For that, you have to open the secret room and place the things in a particular manner so they can reveal the location.

Stuffed Boar Head:

You will actually want to get this Around evening time 2 after solving the House Market Puzzle. You really want to open the garage to find the Boar Head. Get inside the gallery and go to the right side. In the event that you go rapidly there by running it will make a noise and the Neighbor will chase you however you can conceal in the cupboard. Otherwise, stay quiet and continue to the garage.

Open the entryway by breaking the wooden covering the garage entryway. Each development will make a sound so it’s smarter to stay stowed away. Get Inside the garage and get the car entryway handle from the container placed near the car. Open the car gate with that. Turn on the change to open the car’s backdoor. You will see the Boar Head there. Get the Boar Head and take it to the statue area and place it on the Boar Statue.

Stuffed Fish Head:

This is the easiest one to get. You can also get it Around evening time 2 after solving the House Market Puzzle. Enter the historical center and go to the right side there you will see a small map with a small house on it. From that point you want to go to the left side and you will see a fish head in between the clothes. Take the Fish Head and go upstairs and put it on the fish statue.

Stuffed Bear Head:

For this, you want to solve the Shelf puzzle which we have solved in a detailed aide. You have to arrange the books in a particular manner to get the Bear Head in the candlelight room upstairs. Take the head and put it on the statue.

Mad Scientist Achievement

The Mad Scientist Achievement is the one in particular that’s parted into three parts, as to finish it, players need to find the three missing Stuffed Animal Heads in Hello Neighbor 2. The three heads are:

Fish Head: Found in the topsy turvy room framed on the wall.

where is the fish head in hello neighbor 2

Is brave a boy Secret Neighbor?

Maritza Esposito, also known as The Brave, is one of the main characters of the Hello Neighbor books and is one of the Secret Neighbor children’s classes. She is Enzo Esposito’s more youthful sister.

The Thing (also known as “The Shadow Man/Boy”) is the overarching antagonist of Hello Neighbor.

The Goblin Shark is the second L Level shark opened in Hungry Shark World. The large sharks are to be opened once you max step up any M Level shark. When Did Hello Neighbor 2 Come out The goblin shark is a L Level shark which has the most health in the L Level category.

He killed his sister Mya by accidentally bumping her off the rooftop in stage 5 of Hello Neighbor Find the stowaway. Aaron Victor Peterson, otherwise known as The Neighbor’s Child or The Brother, is the child of Theodore Peterson and Diane Peterson. While it may not seem like it, he cares about his father a ton.

The Sharkotron, also ordinarily known as the Shark, is a secondary foe experienced in Alpha 1 and the full game of Hello Neighbor in Act 2. It patrols the overflowed room of Mr. Peterson’s home, searching for intruders in the water, including Nicky Roth.

Is Hello Neighbor 2 finished?

Hello Neighbor 2 (previously Hello Visitor, and its prototype codename Late Night Shift) is an upcoming stealth repulsiveness thrill ride game from the Hello Neighbor game series. It will release on December sixth, 2022.

When the player’s vision returns, the lights will be back on, and the player will be back to their normal size. Just exit, and the player opens the ability to twofold leap by pressing the leap key while in the air.

The basement in Alpha 4 – Beta 3 contains a large amount of parkour and puzzles that ultimately lead to a manager battle. The manager battle is against the Giant Neighbor, which requires the player to hop around and activate objects to gradually wreck him and get into the house on his back.

The player needs to turn the valve in the engine compartment on the principal floor in request to freeze the water and render the Sharkotron harmless.

The player needs to utilize the valve on the tap along the edge of the house, located above the rear ladder. The water will be drained and the Sharkotron will become harmless, allowing the player to get the digging tool.