How To Get Sidon To Follow You In Water Temple TOTK

How To Get Sidon To Follow You In Water Temple TOTK – Full Guide

Significant person named Sidon, who can help you in your journey. This guide will walk you through the method involved with finding Sidon and getting him to follow you, ensuring a fruitful excursion through the Water Temple TOTK (Preliminary of the King).

How To Get Sidon To Follow You In Water Temple TOTK

Step One: Finding Sidon:

Actuate the Main Mission: Begin by activating the “Divine Monster Vah Ruta” main journey. This mission will lead you to the Water Temple TOTK and introduce you to Sidon.

Follow the Main Mission Line: Follow the journey markers and exchange prompts to advance through the main questline until you arrive at the Water Temple TOTK.

Search for Sidon at Inogo Extension: When you show up at the Inogo Scaffold, you will experience Sidon, a Zora prince. He will be waiting close to the extension and will initiate a discussion with you.

Step Two: Getting Sidon to Follow You:

Interact with Sidon: Participate in exchange with Sidon and pay attention to his instructions and consolation.

Continue through the Water Temple TOTK: Sidon will consent to assist you with the preliminary. Follow him as he swims towards the Water Temple TOTK entrance, situated in the eastern piece of the Zora’s Domain.

Use Cryonis: En route, you might run over hindrances, for example, ice blocks. Utilize the Cryonis rune capacity to make ice stages and continue following Sidon.

Step Three: Completing the Water Temple TOTK:

Address Riddles and Rout Adversaries: Inside the Water Temple TOTK, you will experience different riddles and foes. Use your abilities, weapons, and capacities to tackle the riddles and rout any enemies that stand in your manner.

Follow Sidon’s Direction: Sidon will give direction all through the preliminary, pointing out significant components and methodologies. Focus on his recommendation and use it for your potential benefit.

Actuate the Main Control Unit: Arrive at the finish of the Water Temple TOTK and initiate the main control unit to finish the preliminary. Sidon will be close by during this crucial second.

Other Tips and Tricks:

Use Zora Protective layer: Prepare the Zora Shield, which can be obtained from King Dorephan in the Zora’s Domain. This protection improves your swimming skills and can help with maneuvering through the Water Temple TOTK.

Stock Up on Assets: Prior to embarking on the Water Temple TOTK, gather valuable assets like healing things, bolts, and weapons. These will prove to be useful during fights and difficulties.

Investigate the Surrounding Region: Carve out opportunity to investigate the Zora’s Domain and its vicinity. You might find helpful things, side missions, or extra information that can upgrade your interactivity experience.

How To Get Sidon To Follow You In Water Temple TOTK


Getting Sidon to follow you in the Water Temple TOTK is urgent for completing the preliminary effectively. By following the main questline, finding Sidon at Inogo Scaffold, and proceeding through the Water Temple TOTK while he directs you, you can conquer the difficulties and arrive at the main control unit. Make sure to use the Zora Reinforcement, stock up on assets, and investigate the surrounding region for extra advantages. With Sidon close by, you will be good to go to overcome the Water Temple TOTK in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Nature.