Roccat Pyro Review 2022 [Budget Friendly Gaming Keyboard]

Roccat Pyro Review

In this article we will talk about Roccat Pyro Review. With its most recent keyboard, Roccat has its eye soundly on the ordinary gamer. Coming in at $100, the Roccat Pyro mechanical keyboard means to convey an uncommon gaming experience without burning through every last cent. It’s a decent difference in pace from the always expanding expenses of leader gaming keyboards from any semblance of Razer and Corsair.

The Pyro stands apart from the load with its special look, heaps of programmability and a strong arrangement of components at the cost. Be that as it may, poor keycaps, rattly stabilizers and cumbersome programming keep it away from being one of the most best gaming keyboards.


The Roccat Pyro establishes a positive first connection with its special appearance. In the same way as other gaming keyboards, it includes a brushed aluminum top plate in gunmetal dark. That plate is outlined with dark plastic bezels that match the keycaps and volume handle, separating the appearance pleasingly. The base bezel is managed in long queues that convey straight down to the separable wrist rest, around the sides and through to the back. Add an upward volume handle and low profile plan, and you have a keyboard that stands apart from the pack without going to splendidly hued keycaps or straightforward plans that’d turn off moderate inclining gamers.

The Pyro has a standard impression around your work area estimating 17.6 x 6 inches however feels more minimized because of its shallow 1.4 inch profundity. Contrasted with the super well known Corsair K70 RGB TKL (1.9 inches), the Pyro feels tremendously low profile while as yet utilizing full-stature switches. Regardless of its thin profile, the Pyro has consoling haul, weighing 2.4 pounds. It remains set up well, on account of four non-slip elastic feet on its last four corners.

That position of safety configuration implies that the board sits low and level. As a touch typist, I thought that it is hard to use without the included palm rest to lift my hands. The palm rest is hard plastic, however the furrowed surface held me back from perspiring even in my warm office. On the off chance that the higher point given by the palm rest isn’t sufficient, a couple of slant feet can change it further. There is just one bunch of feet, in any case, so there’s no tweaking your approach, which feels like a cut corner.

While the plan looks great, it’s unquestionably not the simplest to keep clean. Both the brushed metal and the notched plastic tend to hold pieces of residue and flotsam and jetsam from typical use. Attempting to wipe these away was troublesome as a result of the finished surfaces, so I wound up breaking out the compacted air just to keep the keyboard putting its best self forward.

Curiously, Roccat additionally chose to utilize intelligent plastic on the rear of the keyboard inside the more extensive arrangement of notches. I was at first concerned this would be a unique finger impression magnet but since it’s applied distinctly in the breaks, it functions admirably (regardless of whether you’ll seldom see it).

The Pyro’s keycaps are particularly hard to keep clean. They’re slight at just 1mm for each divider and use laser-scratched legends to show the RGB backdrop illumination. The essential legends sparkle splendidly, however the optional images are situated straightforwardly under and scarcely light up by any means. The covering on the keycaps shows finger oils horrendously. My keyboard started looking muddled after just a day of committed use. Cleaning down the keyboard works, yet except if you’re intending to scour individual keycaps consistently, you’ll be left with a keyboard that looks gritty sooner than later.

Moreover, the utilization of laser-carved legends additionally implies the ABS plastic keycaps will wear out more rapidly than doubleshot keycaps, which utilize a different piece of plastic for their legends. Fortunately, Roccat has utilized a standard base line design, so the Pyro is viable with most secondary selling keycap sets in the event that you choose you’d prefer to redesign.


Switches TTC Red
Lighting Per-key RGB
Onboard Storage 2 profiles (1 customizable)
Media Keys With FN
Connectivity USB Type-A
Cable 5.9 feet (1.8m)
Additional Ports None
Keycaps ABS plastic
Software Roccat Swarm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 17.6 x 6 x 1.4 inches (44.5 x 15.2 x 3.6cm)
Weight 2.4 pounds (1,100g)
Extra Detachable wrist rest


Pros & Cons

  • Special tasteful that stands apart on a work area
  • Amazing customization programming

  • Two contributions on a solitary key, because of Easy-Shift highlight

  • Vertical volume handle

  • Stabilizer clatter and poor keycaps
  • Programming feels obsolete

  • Nomacro support

  • Receptive AIMO lighting doesn’t feel astute

  • Straight switches as it were

Typing Experience

Roccat just offers the Pyro with TTC Red switches, so material and clicky fans are in a tight spot. The switches are copycats of Cherry MX Reds and follow a similar direct plan liked for gaming. They include a similar lightweight 45g activation power, 2mm incitation distance and 4mm of absolute travel. The experience utilizing them is basically the same, however I wound up inclining toward the TTCs for the absence of spring commotion when composing. The slight added scratchiness wasn’t perceptible when composing at max throttle, where spring commotion positively would have been.

Composing on the keyboard felt extremely decent. The keys are smooth and bob back rapidly. Despite the fact that the keyboard is on the slight side, it felt strong when reaching as far down as possible. There doesn’t appear to be any unfilled space for the situation to make it sound empty, which additionally mitigates the modest sensation of the keycaps.

The sound profile of the Pyro is light and clacky. Out of the case, the bigger keys, particularly Backspace and Spacebar, were distractingly uproarious and rattly. Fortunately, with a hint of dielectric oil I had the option to make them sound much better. With this simple mod applied, the keyboard had a charming composing sound that I observed to be very fulfilling for substantial composing.

Gaming Experience

In the wake of gaming with the Pyro, I had positive impressions, yet the clacker may leave you needing on the off chance that you appreciate macros or independence from friend programming.

Straight switches are famous among gamers, because of their smooth travel, and the TTC Reds are no exemption. Gaming with them felt simple and normal. Despite the fact that this was my first involvement in TTC switches, there was no expectation to learn and adapt on the grounds that each switch felt steady, dependable and with no novel qualities to explore contrasted with Cherry MX Reds.

Outside of the switches, the Pyro offers various components to help gamers in fight. In the same way as other gaming keyboards, it has a Game Mode, yet it works somewhat better than you may anticipate. Maybe than incapacitate the Windows key and normal alternate routes like Alt+Tab, Game Mode is a locally available memory profile and can store a second arrangement of keymaps, even without programming running behind the scenes. This was befuddling at first since the keyboard likewise upholds up to 5 profiles on programming with extra keymaps, however these will not work once the product is shut.

Another center element is Roccat’s Easy-Shift innovation. Simple Shift allows you to get to a second arrangement of information sby holding down a committed button (Caps Lock as a matter of course) while in Game Mode. It’s simply conceivable to remap the left 50% of the keyboard, numbers 1-5 and the alphas under those keys. That makes the way for 20 extra keymaps without expecting to take your hands off the development keys.

Playing through the mission of Doom Eternal and a few matches of Battlefield V, I didn’t utilize the Easy-Shift highlights, however relying upon your game and playstyle, they could prove to be useful. Eventually, I liked the key switches considerably more than programming highlights and that the keyboard was not difficult to become accustomed to, permitting me to rapidly find a good pace with my ongoing interaction.

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The keyboard depends on the Roccat Swarm programming to accomplish its full usefulness. That product feels obsolete. The workmanship resources, for instance, are low goal and look delicate and pixelated, in any event, when running windowed on a 4K goal show. There are additionally includes that vibe like they’re straight out of the 2010s, similar to the capacity to add fake commotions, similar to typewriter sounds, to your key presses.

Usefulness is broken into three tabs for general settings, remapping keys and tweaking the keyboard’s lighting.

General Features is a part where you can go on various composing sounds and set sound prompts for different activities, such as evolving profiles. It likewise allows you to control essential boundaries, similar to the recurrent rate for holding down a key or how quick your cursor squints.


The Roccat Pyro lands soundly in the center ground for gaming keyboards. For $100, it offers the feel of a more costly keyboard with a large portion of the provisions you would expect for gaming. Yet, on the off chance that you need macros or don’t care for running programming behind the scenes, this keyboard is definitely not a solid match.

At this value, the absence of large scale support truly is baffling. In like manner, while the keyboard has space for two locally available profiles, you can just tweak one, which is likewise a mistake. Notwithstanding, you can store five additional profiles in the keyboard’s product.

In the event that you need comparative components, in addition to the expansion of macros, the Patriot Viper V765 is just $70 as of composing and offers clicky switches. Another choice that keeps up with the position of safety structure factor is the HyperX Alloy Origins which additionally has a more noteworthy scope of switch choices. Neither of those look very on par with the Pyro, in any case.

Eventually, the Roccat Pyro is a decent keyboard however comes up short. On the off chance that you love the look or can’t survive without the upward volume roller, it merits a more intensive look, particularly in case you’re willing to add a dash of oil to its stabilizers. Something else, there are all the more completely highlighted choices accessible, in some cases for even less cash.