How to Open Eye Chest Hogwarts Legacy

How to Open Eye Chest Hogwarts Legacy

Open Eye Chest Hogwarts Legacy is a fast method for earning cash yet the game never explains how. So it’s easy to miss the obvious which is that the Disillusionment Appeal you get during a certain mission will turn you invisible and let you sneak up on them. You’re rarely told this however, you just need to sort out it. It’s a one-two punch of a story-locked solution that is also never explained. To open up the eye chests in Hogwarts Legacy and understand what’s going on here I let you know how and, all the more significantly, when it very well may be finished.

A great deal of things in the game are a piece like this. The Hogwarts Legacy puzzle doors, for instance, are rarely explained and, on the off chance that you don’t stumble on a critical piece of the riddle you can easily miss, you just left be guessing. Strangely here, as well, while the solution revolves around sorcery, it’s a one of the numerous Hogwarts Legacy Spells you will not really learn in a classroom. So let me explain all that, and how everything works.

How to Open Eye Chest Hogwarts Legacy

What’s in the Hogwarts Legacy eye chest?

You’ll find 500 Galleons inside Hogwarts Legacy eye chest. So every chest you find is basically cash waiting to be guaranteed. To some degree that is one reason why you should get the Disillusionment spell sooner rather than later – the faster you get it the speedier you can start claiming the cash. Plus you will not need to backtrack to find any you were unable to open before.

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Eye Chest – How To Open and What’s Inside

Use The Disillusionment Spell

You should use the Disillusionment Spell in request to get close and open the Eye Chest or the Disillusionment Chest. Be mindful so as not to move toward the chest without using the spell first.

Can Be Learned In The Main Quests “Secrets Of The Restricted Section”

The Disillusionment Spell can be learned when you go to the Library with Sebastian when you do the Main Quest “Secrets of the Restricted Region”. On the off chance that you have not learned it yet, you must continue through the story first.

Use Invisibility Elixir To Have The Same Effects As The Disillusionment Spell

In the event that you have not yet mastered Disillusionment, you can still use the Invisibility Mixture to open the Eye Treasure Chest. However, observe that it requires a great deal of work to do as such as the Elixir Recipe cost 500 Galleons to purchase aside from the materials to mix the Mixture, so its best to learn Disillusionment to open it.

How to Open Eye Chest Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy eye chests rewards

When you open an eye chest, you’ll be blessed to receive a crisp 500 gold galleons.

With these eye chests scattered all through Hogwarts and the surrounding areas, you’ll rapidly procure thousands of gold subsequent to opening a couple.

This should go quite far towards improving your Room of Prerequisite or saving up for some of the best stuff in Hogwarts Legacy, so try to seek out the eye chests once you open the Disillusionment spell.