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If you are looking for Most Comfortable Golf Shoes then you are at right place. We have shared our top picks from which you can select Most Comfortable Golf Shoes for you.

In the event that you’re searching for the most comfortable golf shoes for wide feet, at that point there are a few highlights you’ll have to look out for, beside a wider plan. These shoes are much the same as your conventional golf shoes, the solitary genuine distinction here is the width measurement. Sadly, not all makers will oblige the golfer with wider than normal feet, so shoe and even size choices can be exceptionally restricted.

Finding a couple of golf shoes that offer the sort of wider fit you need, so you can play in absolute solace and appreciate the game, will be an unquestionable requirement. This is particularly evident in the event that you end up on the course consistently. A couple of tight, restricted shoes can significantly affect your presentation since your psyche won’t be exclusively centered around the game. Nowadays, an ever increasing number of makers are offering an assortment of size alternatives for those golfers with wider than normal feet, rather than obliging the tight toed group like such countless makers ordinarily do.

Luckily, I’ve done a lot of exploration and looked into a considerable lot of the main golf shoes available to discover shoes that are explicitly intended for those of you with wide feet. These shoes offer a considerable lot of the very advantages that a customary pair of golf shoes do, the lone huge distinction here is that they give a more agreeable fit and more size choices. Underneath, you’ll discover an examination diagram that rundowns the entirety of the shoes that made it onto my rundown, so you’ll make some simpler memories picking a couple that will work for your playing and solace needs.

Most Comfortable Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

1. FootJoy Men’s Fury Golf Shoes

The fundamental target FootJoy had as a primary concern while making these mainstream golf shoes was comfort. This is something all golfers appreciate and, as indicated by most of criticism from purchasers, the organization has been effective in this objective.

Before we take a gander at the innovation, we should investigate the plan and looks of this golf shoe. It is a mentor style golf shoe, something that is getting progressively famous. For everything except the most moderate golfers, it is an appealing shoe. The mentor configuration additionally loans itself more to comfort so that is a special reward.

While most of the center was comfort FootJoy has additionally guaranteed that the shoes have extremely significant foothold on the course. It was planned, in FootJoy’s words, from the ‘back to front’. This is to improve security and hold while as yet being agreeable. The internal fit sleeve has been added to lessen tongue development and keep the foot secure in the shoe.

The outsole is TPU cleated and has various contacts for great foothold and soundness. The padded sole is tweaked froth. What gives the remainder of the shoe comfort is the triple layer adaptive padding. With time this will normally adjust to the state of your foot for a cozy agreeable fit.

The fit toe vents give wind stream yet may be somewhat precarious to keep clean.

Pros & Cons

  • Designed for great comfort
  • Good traction
  • A design that appeals to many
  • TPU cleated
  • Triple-layer memory foam
  • Popular and trusted brand
  • Good breathability
  • Waterproof outerwear
  • Popular with pros
  • Some found the design a bit too pointy
  • Mesh toe vents are tricky to clean

2. ECCO Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

Another incredible pair of golf shoes for wide feet is the ECCO Biom Cool Pro Spikeless shoes. These are a decent alternative on the off chance that you like to utilize spikeless shoes rather than the more customary spiked golf shoes.

The ECCO Biom Cool Pro golf shoes are developed with yak cowhide, which has been tanned by ECCO to the point of gracefulness. Moreover, these are made with GORE-TEX Surround development, which guarantees that the shoes are 100% waterproof all through each of the 18 holes.

A portion of the highlights of the Biom Cool Pro shoes incorporate the ECCO FLUIDFORM innovation, which is utilized to assist with the breathability of the shoes. This is significant, since the shoes likewise have GORE-TEX innovation to keep your feet totally shielded from any water.

These shoes likewise have ventilation channels all through so the shoes keep on being pretty much as cool as could really be expected. This is an extraordinary component for players with regularly hot feet who discover their feet excessively damp with sweat toward the finish of the game.

Pros & Cons

  • GORE-TEX Surround for waterproofing
  • ECCO FLUIDFORM Technology for breathability
  • Fresh and cool feeling
  • Yak leather
  • Anatomically supportive
  • We didn’t find any

3. Skechers Performance Go Golf Drive 2 Golf Shoes

If you are searching for a golf shoe that accommodates your wide feet, yet in addition accommodates your financial plan, we suggest the Skechers Performance Go Golf Drive 2 shoes.

The plan of the Go Golf Drive 2 shoes is energetic and athletic. They are not clearly golf shoes in the event that you just went off their appearance. Their plan likewise incorporates a ribbon up component.

The plan likewise incorporates the H2GO Shield which is set up to help keep water out of the shoes, which can be particularly useful in the event that you are playing in wet climate.

The highlights of the Drive 2 shoes incorporate an adaptable turf cleated outsole to give you safer track. The covering of the shoes is breathable and dampness wicking too, however in light of the fact that these are engineered shoes, they won’t be just about as breathable as other golf shoes.

You likewise get the Goga Mat Technology in the insole, which gives you high-bounce back padding. This will make it agreeable for your feet.

Pros & Cons

  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Durable rubber traction plate
  • Breathable
  • Goga Mat technology cushioning
  • Side perforation accents for cooling effect
  • Not very breathable

4. Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

Beginning golfers do not need similar sort of shoes that you would get as a further developed player. For novice golfers with wide feet, we propose the Adidas Men’s Tech Response golf shoes.

The Tech Response golf shoes are intended to look precisely like running or strolling shoes. Without realizing that they were golf shoes, you could always be unable to tell that these are golf shoes.

The shoes are dark with white stripes. They are produced using 75% microfiber cowhide and 25% lightweight lattice, making lightweight and simple to wear for significant stretches of time.

A portion of the highlights of the Tech Response shoes incorporate a 6-spike design with thintech low-profile innovation, giving you improved foothold and better generally speaking steadiness.

Different highlights remembered for these skates incorporate adituff, traxion, and adiwear, all of which will give you a steady hold on the ground. For novices, you simply need shoes that will help keep your feet from slipping, permitting you to zero in additional on your swing strategy.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight mesh
  • 6-spike configuration
  • Thintech low-profile tech
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • 75% microfiber leather
  • Might not fit extra wide feet.

5. New Balance Men’s Striker Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe

These leather golf shoes by New Balance highlight a manufactured sole and waterproof microfiber leather upper that assists with improving the shoe’s breathability. The shoe’s TPU outsole is intended to move with the characteristic movement of the foot, for a more shaped, agreeable fit. The drop padded sole gives first in class responsiveness, joined with a thick padding that is strong and successful. These shoes are covered under a two-year waterproof guarantee, which will give golfers more motivation to purchase. The inventive skeletally designed upper offers a ultralight fit and backing and it’s made by two or three lightweight materials together utilizing a no-sew measure. Notwithstanding, these shoes tip the scales at three pounds, which might be a major issue for the golfer looking for a definitive lightweight plan.

These golf shoes by New Balance highlight a leather and engineered plan that offers extreme sturdiness and breathability, for a shoe that can keep your feet agreeable and dry on the course. The bottoms of the shoes are intended to adjust to the wearer’s feet, which will improve comfort, permitting you to effortlessly make it from hole to hole.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable
  • Contours to the soles of the feet
  • Excellent arch support
  • Breathable design
  • Thirty-nine size options
  • Heavy

6. Nike Men’s Lunar Control II Golf Shoe

The Nike Lunar Control II golf shoes are surely probably the best pair of golf shoes for wide feet that you can get. Normally, Nike is known for their athletic shoes and this pair is directly on brand.

The plan of the Lunar Control II shoes is smooth and stylish, with similitudes in appearance to b-ball shoes and other Nike sports shoes. In the event that you are discontent with the conventional white the shoes come in, you may feel better that you can likewise get them in dark, dark, and even blue.

Unfortunately, these shoes are made utilizing artificial material, which will be less breathable than the leather partners.

The Lunar Control II shoes have a great deal of highlights to bring to the table, including a Flywire midfoot saddle, giving you an incredible degree of solace. It likewise has a Nike-restrictive full-length Lunarion pad, further expanding the general solace of these shoes.

While the shoe is made of synthetic materials, the bottom is likewise elastic, assisting with keeping your feet dry and the outsole has an enunciated power stage.

Pros & Cons

  • Flywire midfoot saddle
  • Full-length Lunarion cushion
  • Articulated power platform outsole
  • Nike Power Transfer Zone
  • High performance capabilities
  • Made with synthetic material

7. FootJoy Men’s Arc-Sl Styled Golf Shoes

The FootJoy Arc-Sl golf shoe is another decision for golfers with wide feet. They are an agreeable shoe that should work with players who are playing nonchalantly or who are simply beginning in the game.

These extra wide golf shoes have a more fundamental looking plan. They are produced using 100% material with a manufactured sole. There is additionally a little foundation of .5 inches, which likewise has some help for the heel inside it.

By and large, they are a sturdy development, made to keep going for some rounds of golf. Luckily, they are likewise simple to clean and deal with.

A portion of the highlights of the Arc-Sl shoes incorporate an agreeable fit. This works through a high level responsive pad padded sole. The padded sole itself is set up to give some extra underneath comfort too.

They have a strong development too and are waterproof, so you ought to have dry feet paying little mind to the climate conditions that you are working inside. The fitbed additionally guarantees an agreeable underneath feel through stun ingestion.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable construction
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Cushioned fit
  • Shock absorbing
  • The insole is glued in and not removable

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Buying Guide for Most Comfortable Golf Shoes for Wide Feet


The primary thought that you should make with regards to wide golf shoes is whether the shoes are comfortable. It very well may be too simple to even consider pressing your feet into shoes that are excessively thin, bringing about a lot of discomfort and putting you in danger of harming yourself.

A comfortable pair of shoes ought not be tight to the point that you can’t move your toes. All things being equal, search for shoes that are wide enough for your feet.


Another factor that you should think about is the insole of the shoe. The insole is the part within that contacts your foot or your sock. A few insoles are removable, which opens up room inside the shoes, permitting you to make them as wide as is required.

A few insoles won’t come out and are unbelievably uncomfortable. Ensure the insole coordinates your requirements, gives amazing comfort and the degree of strength that you need.


The outsole of your shoes additionally matters. While you probably won’t think about the outsole, you should begin now. The outside of the shoe needs to have the entirety of the highlights that you would anticipate from your golf shoes.

A few outsoles are made with elastic, which will help keep your feet as dry as is conceivable. The outsole that you need won’t be a similar material as the insole.

Breathability and Waterproofing

The last thought that we suggest that you take with regards to looking for shoes is whether the shoes are breathable and waterproof. Having waterproof shoes implies that the wetness from the outside can’t get into your boots.

Moreover, you will require your feet to not exclusively be secured, however they likewise should be waterproof. At the point when your feet get too hot in your golf shoes, you can end up with rankles and different wounds on your feet.


Regardless of which brand and style you pick, as long as they fit accurately they will be superior to the ones you’re at present utilizing no uncertainty.

I know as a matter of fact as my child has truly wide feet and he battled on the golf course and football pitch until we began to get him accurately fitted wider shoes.

Nothing is more awful than playing golf or any game besides with ineffectively fitted apparel or gear.

We trust you locate some pleasant wide fitting golf shoes to suit your style and financial plan.