How Many DEX Missions are in GTA 5

DEX Missions are in GTA 5 along with the total story mission guide for Grand Theft Auto V. This includes all the Heists branching approaches, the optional Lester’s Assassination Missions, and a walkthrough for all the missions in the single player campaign.

You can access up to 74 missions in a single playthrough of GTA V, depending on your choices. Playing from the “Preface” all the way to one of the three possible endings is required for 100 percent completion.

It is strongly advised to leave the 4 optional Assassination missions for last, until after the main storyline is finished, so you can make the most money toward the game’s end.

As GTA V introduces the ability to switch between three playable characters, for each GTA 5 mission underneath we show which of the three protagonists are involved, as well as the respective icon that appears on the map to start it.

Once players have acquired their own Agency business property (as a VIP, Chief or MC President) they will be welcomed by Franklin Clinton when they first enter the building. Yet, before you can start The Contract VIP missions with Dr Dre, players will first have to finish at least two security contracts for Franklin.

how many dex missions are in gta 5

DEX Missions in GTA 5

There are 69 main story missions in this title, upon whose completion the narrative of the game reaches a conclusion. Parachute in GTA 5 However, there is significantly more to do in GTA 5, apart from the story.

At the point when you think of classic games a couple of rung a bell like Mario, Zelda, COD, GTA, and more. All of GTA’s games have been memorable with GTA 5 being the longest-running one. Many players grew up playing this game and have made a great deal of memories. Even however it’s an old game, there are still new players that join the game. For them and for the veterans that want to make a re-run of GTA 5, here’s a list of all the missions.


Executives will get another staff manager Lupe, who will assist players with adding Special Cargo. Also, two new wellsprings of Special Cargo will be added to Source Mission.


Players with a Custom Bike Shop in their Clubhouse will get an upgrade where MC Presidents will presently modify bikes and deliver them for GTA$ and RP. Also, there will be two new Clubhouse Contracts as well as a Bar Resupply mission.


Gunrunners will get two new Resupply Missions as players can launch the mission either on the road or lift their research progress by sourcing data from a mark.

Nightclub Proprietors

Nightclub Proprietors can now call Tony to start Club Management missions, of which there will be two new ones to play through.

Operation Paper Trail

All the profits from gas prices are suspiciously going to the most infamous oil dynasty in Los Santos. The new Operation Paper Trail mission involves 1-4 players as “sworn-in agents to investigate the local petrochemical magnates, the Duggans, to check whether they’re the invisible hand behind spiraling oil prices.”

how many dex missions are in gta 5

Can I skip all of the missions on GTA V?

No. Not all of them. You should have the option to fail the mission three times and then it gives you the option to skip. Bit a few missions it doesn’t do this. Submersible in GTA 5 There are these things called “arrangements” that are part of the main mission yet are unskippable, regardless of how many times you fail them it won’t allow you to skip. I had to give up the game because of one, I continued to fail it (at least 50 times tried) and it won’t allow me to skip it. So I am left with no chance of finishing the game at this point.

No, because the game opens to a bank burglary mission straight off the bat, from the loading page. Then there’s a mission with Franklin and Lamar, then you can skip the rest if you’re inclined. Free-roaming and online are not available until you effectively complete or, on the third attempt of failing a mission, skip it altogether. At the point when you begin online, after making your character, you also begin a mission of recovering taken medications and then chasing/killing the suspect behind it. After that mission is either passed or skipped (on the third attempt of failing it) you are then given free rein to free-roam and do whatever you want.

However, stop and think for a minute: By doing missions, and races, you level up, and every time you level up, your stats increase, like swimming, driving, holding breath underwater, and so on until they reach 100 percent, and also things open, like weaponry, haircuts/styles/colors, clothes… … so it’s worth the effort to do a few races at least once you are in free-roam.

How many people are needed in a heist for GTA 5?

It all relies upon your inclination, in my opinion, its the Pacific Standard Heist it’s not hard when your inside the bank but rather when you have to exit the bank and there’s an entire army of police shooting at you. Besides you have to make a rush to the bikes and all cars are disabled. Another thing is you have to follow the checkpoints or the Heist will restart to the last checkpoint. You also don’t really require the bikes at all.

The hardest thing is the course you have to drive all the way from the bank to a dinghy up north past Fort Zancudo. Remember your doing all of this while you have a five-star wanted level being chased by the LSPD while your totally uncovered on a cruiser. Getting taken shots at falling off the cruiser and a heist failed screen is very frustrating.

Here is the amusing part: Since your getting taken shots at and you have to race to your bikes and all the cars are disabled your always losing money that when you get to the bikes you already lost 300k. Furthermore you have to make the rush toward the north with a time limit on a Cruiser! Frankly, heists don’t get any harder than the Pacific Standard heist.