Logitech G435 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Logitech G435 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Headset Review

This article is about Logitech G435 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Headset Review. When purchasing on a tight spending plan, you need to choose which components you’re willing to reduce to keep costs in line. Logitech’s G435 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Headset resembles a strong economy sportscar: It’s sensibly fast, with a low-dormancy association. It’s likewise lightweight and energy effective, and it looks quite pleasant for a low-evaluated headset. These $79.99 jars don’t have much in the method of choices, however they’re up-to-date, incredibly agreeable, they work wirelessly with a wide scope of gadgets, and they sound probably as great as you’d expect at that cost. Peruse on to check whether they’re deserving of a spot on our best gaming headsets list.

Design and Comfort

The G435 is incredibly lightweight. We’re ordinarily intrigued when a gaming headset weighs just 0.6 pounds; this one tips the scales at simply 0.36 pounds. Given its weight and low value, it’s not shocking that the development is lightweight plastic, with not a single metal to be found. Logitech says it’s affirmed carbon-impartial, and has basically 22% reused plastic substance, so you may take comfort in realizing your buy isn’t exacerbating the world spot.

My test unit was a quelled matte dark with neon yellow accents on the wiring and fastens. In any case, in case you’re searching for a more splendid look, grayish/lilac and blue/raspberry combos are accessible too. You’ll need to depend on shading for streak: There’s no RGB here. The general plan is appealing, with bends and points on the earcups that look considerably more snazzy than prior Logitech choices like the G733.

The earcups have a bit of left-and-right and all over give, so they rest serenely around your ears. Logitech says the G435 is streamlined for more modest head sizes, yet I have a fairly huge head (I utilize the keep going two scores on a movable cap) and I discovered the G435 fit my head well with the headband completely expanded.

With the plume weight and delicate, texture covered adaptive padding earcups that are very much cushioned and never feel hot, these are among the most agreeable jars I’ve worn. I wouldn’t stop for a second to utilize them the entire day, which was astounding given that the headband needs cushioning and has recently a dainty layer of texture over the plastic. Yet, the G435 is so light, none of that made it feel awkward.

Controls are straightforward, with the left earcup pressing a force button, a volume rocker, and a button that either switches among Lightspeed and Bluetooth or quiets the receiver, contingent upon how long you press it. A signal tells you when you’ve maximized the volume; different tones affirm power-on and – off.

At the lower part of the cup is the USB-C port, which just permits charging and can’t be utilized to work with a wired association. There’s likewise no simple contribution for a 3.5mm link—sound is Lightspeed and Bluetooth just, with no wired fallback to utilize when the battery is dead or a gadget is contradictory.

There’s additionally no receiver blast. The double beamforming mics are incorporated into the front of the left earcup.

The USB-A dongle is shading facilitated with the headset and projects about an inch-and-a-half from the port. Its width is sufficiently little to try not to hinder contiguous ports.


Driver Type 40mm
Impedance 45 Ohms
Frequency Response 20 – 20,000 Hz
Microphone Type Dual-beamforming on-cup; 100Hz – 8,000 Hz frequency response
Connectivity Options Lightspeed wireless (2.4 GHz USB Type-A dongle), Bluetooth
Cables USB Type-C to Type-A charging cable (6 feet/ 1.8 m)
Weight 0.36 pounds /165 g
Lighting None
Software None

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Very low latency, even on Bluetooth
  • Inexpensive
  • Microphone picks up significant background noise
  • Small size may not fit large heads
  • No wired option
  • No software for control or surround sound
  • Poor sound isolation

Audio Performance

Logitech’s 40mm drivers siphon out a good volume level, yet the clearness is walker, and the general sound quality is simply OK. This shouldn’t imply that the sound is terrible, it’s simply average. You’ll hear significant game sound components fine and dandy, and music sounds great apparently, yet the bass from blasts and gunfire is disappointing, and you’re not going to hear any new subtleties in your #1 tunes.

Playing Deathloop and Microsoft Flight Simulator, exchange, audio cues, and ecological sound were all reasonable. Paying attention to Baby Keem’s The Melodic Blue collection, the music and vocals sounded great, however bass was inadequate. A FLAC tear of my Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon CD sounded great, however I was unable to make out the little subtleties behind the scenes that my audiophile-situated Sennheiser Momentum 3 headset uncovered.

Since the G435 comes up short on any packaged programming, any sound changes, for example, balance or bass lift should come from your framework’s product or sound playback instruments.

The vaporous, texture covered earcups are agreeable and hold your ears back from getting hot, yet they make a terrible showing of sound segregation. Except if you have the sound wrenched, you’ll hear natural sounds, and on the off chance that you do have it turned, others close by will hear what you’re paying attention to. With my child wearing the headset and sitting six feet away, I could obviously make out the verses to Kanye’s Hurricane as he tuned in.

While the sound was simply alright, the absence of any recognizable dormancy was noteworthy, just like the strong association utilizing both the Logitech Lightspeed dongle and Bluetooth. Game sound and lip-sync in recordings showed no deferrals, which is normal with a committed wireless sound dongle yet is frequently even more a test with Bluetooth. Watching Ted Lasso through my TV’s Bluetooth association, sound was completely in-a state of harmony, and the association stayed strong when I meandered around 20 feet into the kitchen.

The headset does exclude any underlying 3D provisions or programming, yet Logitech promotes similarity with Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic, and the PlayStation 5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech. While that is valid, the PC encompass advancements will deal with any headset, so it’s a bit like promoting that a vehicle upholds parkways.

Testing Atmos and Tempest 3D, the sound feels more encompassing than unadulterated sound system, yet when playing Warzone I didn’t get the sort of improved positional data about adversary developments and fire that I found with headsets that have explicit gaming-focused 3D upgrades like the Creative SXFI Air Gamer and the Fnatic React+. The 3D impact is satisfying, however not really educational.

Battery Life

Logitech rates the G935 at 18 hours of battery life, and my involvement in the G935 bears that out. Utilizing the earphones throughout the span of a couple of days for gaming by means of the Lightspeed dongle on a PC and PS5, and for music and calls on an iPhone 12 Pro Max through Bluetooth, the headset went on for simply over 18.5 hours before it shut off.


The Logitech G435’s amplifier worked effectively of getting my voice plainly in both internet gaming and Bluetooth calls. The voice clearness wasn’t exactly just about as great similarly as with blast mouthpieces on the Creative SXFI Air Gamer or the Razer Barracuda X, yet no one had any issues getting me.

Logitech says that double beamforming mics diminish foundation commotion, and the catchphrase there is “decrease,” as opposed to dispense with. My voice was without a doubt stronger than the foundation commotions, yet the outer clamors were still particularly there. Game sound, individuals talking in the following room, and the click of my composing were all entirely observable in both game meetings and voice accounts.

This likewise continued to Bluetooth correspondences. With the volume turned up high on a call, the amplifier got the guest’s voice for the earcup, because of the helpless sound separation, and the guest detailed hearing a reverberation. I needed to turn the volume to the least level where I could in any case obviously hear the guest before they revealed the reverberation was no more.

In case you will utilize the G435 in a truly calm climate, this probably won’t be a major issue, however the amplifier makes it a helpless choice in case there’s any sort of foundation clamor. You can also read about Razer Huntsman V2 8000 Hz Keyboard Review from here.


The Logitech G435 looks pleasant and is truly agreeable, and the double wireless capacity allows you effectively to utilize similar jars with your PC and telephone (albeit not simultaneously like with Corsair’s Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT) . The sound won’t blow anybody away, however it’s pretty much as great as you’d anticipate from a $80 set of jars.

On the drawback, the fair solid disconnection implies these won’t be an extraordinary choice for tuning in an uproarious climate, or for segregating others from your sound in a tranquil one. And keeping in mind that the amplifier catches your voice obviously, it additionally catches undeniably more foundation commotion than comparative headsets that game blast mics.

For $20 more you could have the Razer Barracuda X, which offers comparable adaptability across gadgets and a superior mouthpiece, yet needs Bluetooth availability. Innovative’s SXFI Air Gamer offers both low-inertness gaming across gadgets and Bluetooth, however costs twice as much as the G435 and utilizations a link to interface with PCs and PlayStations.

Logitech’s G435 has a special blend of light weight, minimal expense, and wireless adaptability to work across an assortment of gadgets. In case those are the main elements for you, the G435 is certainly worth your thought. Be that as it may, there are better alternatives in case you’re willing to spend a bit more.