[Learn] How to Rainbow Flick in FIFA 23

Looking for How to Rainbow Flick in FIFA 23? FIFA 23 is brimming with expertise moves that you can use to get around the protector. While an outdated stepover or drag roll will finish the work, now and again you’ll need to add an additional ounce of pizazz to your assault. There’s nothing more captivating than flicking the ball over your rival’s head with a Rainbow Flick. We’ve seen true legends like Ronaldinho make their adversaries seem to be messes with the move and you can do likewise in FIFA 23.

How to Rainbow Flick in FIFA 23

Rainbow Flick in FIFA 23

The Rainbow Flick isn’t something you can use in each circumstance. Instead How to Rainbow Flick in FIFA 23, you want to ensure your safeguard is trying to shut you down at speed. Assuming you time it accurately, you utilize that force to flick the ball over your adversary and sprint past them. All things considered, you’ll have to have extraordinary timing and be using a player with something like four-star expertise moves to be viable.

There are two varieties of this stunt in FIFA 23: Basic Rainbow Flick and High level Rainbow Flick. Depending on your decision, you should learn various combinations on the regulator and console. Hence, this is how you ought to treat Rainbow Flick in FIFA 23 on various gadgets:

  • Xbox: Flick Right Stick Down, Up, Up.
  • PlayStation: Flick RS Down, Up, Up.
  • Console: Tap Pad2, Pad8, Pad8.

How to Rainbow Flick in FIFA 23


You can utilize the Rainbow Flick with players lower than four stars, however it won’t work close to too. Very much like the other expertise moves in the game How to Rainbow Flick in FIFA 23, everybody can utilize them, however just great skillers can do it right. At the point when you have a player who meets the prerequisite FUTTIES Dynamic Duo III Tammy, you should simply hold R2/RT and afterward flick your right stick away from your player once and afterward toward them two times.

Keep in mind, the bearing you flick the stick is comparative with the heading your player is facing. Assuming you thoroughly search in the menus How to Rainbow Flick in FIFA 23, it seems as though you want to flick the right stick down once and afterward away two times, yet this isn’t really the situation. Ensure you’re paying regard for your player’s positioning over everything else while using ability moves or your player will not do what you need them to. When you’re past the protector, just put the ball in the rear of the net. Remember to celebrate.