Laptop Insurance Cost UK For Students

How Much Does Laptop Insurance Cost UK For Students

Life is great when you’re connected – so why not stay that way? Whether you’re working from home, streaming movies or shopping online, get a 15% Endsleigh discount on up to two gadgets with Laptop Insurance Cost UK For Students. Students are a prime target for crime, especially around freshers’ week. Loads move into their uni accommodation at once, bringing new gadgets with them.

Many students assume that contents insurance is too expensive or unnecessary. That is until the worst happens. Buying a student contents insurance policy can be cheap and save you lot of stress and money later.

So you have a clutch of great A-levels, you’ve been accepted to car insurance for students in college and you are settling into your dorm room as we speak. But before you get into the swing of things, have a think about this; what is the most expensive thing you own? What do you use for writing essays, communicating with your friends, shopping, listening to music and generally running your life?

Either way, you and your parents may want to look at whether it costs less to be added to the policy or whether you should take out separate student home insurance and for those who won’t be insured on their family policy, this is definitely a big consideration.

But this is a thorny matter indeed. There are various “specialist” Laptop Insurance Cost UK For Students out there – you may well have seen them advertising at your Freshers Fair. There are also several banks that offer student insurance.

Are students covered by their parents’ contents insurance?

Before buying a student insurance policy yourself, check to see if you’re covered by your parents’ home or contents insurance policy.

While this isn’t as common as it used to be, you could save yourself some serious money.

For example, some policies will cover students as long as they regularly return home at least once within a set time frame.

If you don’t currently come under your parents’ insurance policy, it’s worth asking them to call up and ask for a quote to add you to their policy. It may work out as cheaper than a completely separate policy.

Bear in mind that the excess on your parents’ insurance might be higher as a result, and their no-claims bonus will also be affected if you make a claim.

A high excess can be both good and bad

Most of the time you can choose how much your excess is. The higher the excess you agree to pay, the lower your premium will usually be.

‘Premium’ is just a fancy word for the Laptop Insurance Cost UK For Students, which you can pay upfront or in monthly instalments.

Agreeing to a higher excess is a good option for people who never lose stuff and are generally good at looking after their belongings. The chances of needing to make a claim (and pay the excess) are lower for them.

Similarly, it’s a good option to go for if you know you’ll be able to pay the excess without it affecting your finances too much.

However, if you’re always losing or damaging your belongings (smashed phone on a night out, anyone?), and are unlikely to have enough spare cash to cover an excess, it could help to keep your excess to a minimum.

Buildings insurance isn’t your responsibility

As we’re sure you’re already aware, you don’t have to worry about buildings insurance. That’s your landlord’s job.

Similarly, it’s your landlord’s responsibility to insure any objects in the house that belong to them. We’re talking beds, sofas, wardrobes – basically, anything that comes with the property when you move in.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re excused from paying for any damage to the home.

If you smash a window while playing football in the living room, chances are they’ll hold you responsible and make you cough up to save them from making an insurance claim.

How much does student contents insurance cost?

Perhaps most importantly of all, it’s important to know how much you should be paying. After all, how do you know you’ve got a good deal if you don’t know what the going rate is anyway?

Cover4Students claims to offer cover from £20 a year (correct at the time of writing).

But, of course, this will depend on a number of different factors, including whether or not you’re living in halls, and how many people are in your house.

Generally speaking, we’d say you should be paying under £100 a year for your contents insurance. And to get the best deals, you’ll need to use our tips.

I live in student accommodation, do I still need cover for my laptop?

Maybe. If you live in halls, your accommodation provider may already have insurance in place which covers your belongings. Sometimes we provide this insurance and you can check if we cover your accommodation by heading here.

It totally depends on your policy. For example, this type of Laptop Insurance Cost UK For Students may only cover you whilst you’re in your accommodation, or it may not protection against risks like laptop theft/accidental damage.

It’s best to familiarise yourself with the level of cover provided by your accommodation, then you can look at whether you need extra cover to make sure you’re protected for other risks and locations. For example, if you were drop your laptop at the library.

Before you take out laptop insurance, if you’re a student and your parents have home insurance, you may want to check if your laptop is covered under their existing policy.