What is a Kinetic Ore in Fortnite

Kinetic Ore in Fortnite chapter 4, Season 1, was released on December 04, 2022. Also, many new contents were added to the game, and one of them is Kinetic Ore. Kinetic Ore is unique material added to the game. Also, in Fortnite chapter 4, Season, there is another quest called Oathbound Quest. In this quest, you really want to find and collect chunks of Kinetic Ore. This guide will let you know where to hit Kinetic Ore with your harvesting tool in Fortnite.

Kinetic Ore appears as large slabs of dark blue-colored stone filled with strong energy. If you fire shots at Kinetic Ore or hit it with your Harvesting Tool, it’ll begin to shine purple and pink before launching violently in the opposite direction of the initial impact.

You can bounce on an active piece of Fortnite Kinetic Ore and take a joyride, or calculate the trajectory and use it to eliminate a rival in style. To finish the Earthbound quest, you want to scuffle three chunks of Kinetic Ore with your harvesting tool. Whenever you are done, you will receive 20,000 XP for completing the quest.

Kinetic Ore is another feature in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. to finish an Oathbound Quest, you really want to find Kinetic Ore and collect chunks of it. Here is where to find Kinetic Ore and how to use it in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

what is a kinetic ore in fortnite

Where to hit and collect Kinetic Ore in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 is officially here, and there is a lot to do. One thing that each player does as soon as possible is open the exceptional Battle Pass rewards that Epic Games has curated for them. Fortnite Stuck On Loading Screen Error However, to do that, they need a great deal of XP.

Fortunately, there are already a lot of challenges that players can finish to gain XP. Chapter 3 introduced another form of challenge called storyline quests, which remain an integral part of the game in Chapter 4.

Visit Shattered Slabs

Shattered Slabs is another POI on the Fortnite Chapter 4 island. Visit this location whenever you’ve finished the first stage of finding Kinetic Ore.

Look around for bluish-purple Kinetic Ore

Kinetic Ore can be tracked down on the ground and in other spots around Fortnite Shattered Slabs. It is large and dark purple (almost blue) in color. It stands out against the backdrop of the tan ground tracked down in this Chapter 4 POI.

When you find a slab, head over to it. If you can’t draw adequately near, don’t worry because there is an alternative.

Hit it with a pickaxe and collect the ores

Whenever you’ve tracked down the Kinetic Ore, hit it with your pickaxe. If you can’t reach it, shooting it will work as well. It may take several bullets or swings of the pickaxe to thump it free, however it will eventually drop a couple of fragments on the ground.

You can then interact with the fragments to pick them up. They will be scattered across the nearby area, so you may have to move around to get them.

This challenge requires you to collect three fragments for completion. Whenever this is done, you will be rewarded with the earned XP.

XP can then be parlayed into battle stars, which can be used to open free cosmetics in the Battle Pass, including skins for Doomslayer and the Ageless Champion.

what is a kinetic ore in fortnite

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Rocket League and Fortnite are the main two games I play, although I play Rocket League considerably more. The main reason I lean toward Rocket League over Fortnite is because you can be creative with how you play the game.

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Fortnite: competition to see who can perform specific tasks the most efficiently and accurately (with certain variables that are not even in the player’s control). Rocket League: artistic expression of calculation that allows players to create their own specific manner to achieve goals, and let their own style shine through while they do it

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