In Brazil Video games have Gone Viral

hen felipe rosa, a delicately spoken 11-year-old from São Paulo, got exhausted playing “Minecraft”, a computer game, he downloaded another game, “Kandidatos”, that became a web sensation when it was delivered in 2020. The game includes hand-to-hand battle between Brazilian government officials, including “Bolsonaryo,” who looks very much like Jair Bolsonaro, the conservative president, and “Lulo,” a duplicate of radical ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Simple illustrations and musical stone go with their snorts, punches and kicks. Mr Rosa was charmed. “It’s the roughness that makes it cool,” he says.

Gabriel Nunes, the game’s maker, has been planning computer games for more than 10 years however “didn’t earn a penny before ‘Kandidatos'”. It was downloaded multiple times the week it sent off (for $0.99 on Steam, an internet based shop). It has now been gotten multiple times. Advertised on the web, at times by popular gamers, it joins a developing number of image like games by free engineers in Brazil whose primary reason for existing is to taunt legislative issues. Something like twelve have hit the market as of late.

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