identify hp laptop charger

How to Identify HP Laptop Charger [GUIDE]

A laptop is normally utilized for individual and business needs due to its convenience. You can convey identify hp laptop charger it anyplace you need. Be that as it may, you need to charge it every once in a while to keep your significant errands running. For Charging, you will require a charging adaptor however make a point to track down the viable one for your model as picking some unacceptable one can consume your Laptop or harm the inside parts. All in all, In this article, we cover How to Find the Right Charger for my HP Laptop?

The charger of your laptop, when dealt with appropriately, can keep going for a really long time. There will, however, come when this gadget will neglect to work appropriately. On the off chance that you own a HP laptop and your charger isn’t working, observe this short aide. We’ll talk about the purposes for a defective HP laptop charger, investigating steps and stores where you can purchase a charger (how to find the right charger for my laptop).

How to Identify HP Laptop Charger

identify hp laptop charger

1: Pin Type

You will presumably know that the laptop pin is diverse with each model, and only one out of every odd pin can accommodate your HP laptop pin attachment. So a need emerges for estimating the pin size of a laptop to track down the right fit for your laptop You can also read about Razer Blade 14 from here.

To observe the pin size of your laptop charger, you need to gauge things with a decent accuracy scale the first is the internal breadth, and the second is the external distance across of the pin (You will quantify these from the charger which you are utilizing and presently it’s messed up)

2: Input Voltage

The info voltage in the laptop charger is the voltage provided to the laptop charger from the power source. Generally, it is around 100-200 V.So, first see the information voltage of your laptop charger by alluding back to the old charger, which is broken, and purchase the one which matches the voltage of the former one.

3: Yield Voltage

The Output Voltage is the voltage given by the laptop charger to the laptop. It is in D/C current (direct current). Ensure the result voltage given by your laptop charger is equivalent to suggested for your laptop.

4: Current

  • Checking current will be your need as it is fundamental. A slight contrast can harm your laptop’s interior part; it is measure in Ampere(A.
  • The current of your laptop charger should match the current necessities of your laptop.
  • You can search for the momentum esteem on your old laptop charger that is broken. It is notice on the white sticker of the laptop charger back.

For what reason is My HP Laptop Charger Not Working?

At whatever point you interface the HP laptop charger to your PC, your desktop should show a warning that your gadget is charging. You can track down that notice at the bottom right of your screen

Before you expect that your HP laptop charger is flawed, actually look at the battery of your laptop. Here and there, the charger isn’t the one to blame. The battery can’t re-energize or store energy appropriately. If so, you’ll have to supplant the laptop battery, not the charger.

You ought to likewise check assuming the power source is working appropriately. A flawed outlet will keep your laptop from charging.

Assuming you see that the battery’s doing fine subsequent to doing the suitable HP diagnostics (and there are no issues with the power source), you should direct your concentration toward the gadget’s power connector. On the off chance that the HP laptop charger isn’t working, it very well might be because of at least one of the accompanying reasons:

Old Laptop Charger

  • HP laptop chargers, wear out after some time very much like different parts of your laptop.

Broken Adapter Cable

  • Sometimes, the link isn’t giving sufficient power or charge to your laptop.

Power Supply Issues

  • The power supply for your HP laptop charger might have fizzled. You can test this by acquiring a charger of a similar model and checking assuming the laptop is accusing of that acquired gadget.

Power Cord Failure

  • The components in your HP laptop charger string might have an issue, like a free connector. This keeps the battery from charging appropriately.

How Do I Troubleshoot My HP Laptop Charger?

Before you purchase another HP laptop charger for your gadget, you need to see first assuming that the issue is as yet minor. All things considered, you would rather not burn through cash on another charger on the off chance that you can fix the minor issue.

The following are a couple investigating ideas that can follow:

Actually take a look at the Connection between the Laptop and the Charger

The HP laptop charger should fit immovably in the DC jack without you squirming the link just to get things charging. Assuming the charger link appears to be free, hold it set up utilizing electrical tape. Along these lines, the laptop battery can get power from the charger.

  • Note: this is a transitory fix. A free association can deteriorate over the long haul. In this way, have your laptop shipped off an expert for a more specialized appraisal of the issue.

identify hp laptop charger

Segregate and Reattach the Laptop Battery

Start by switching off your laptop. Then, at that point, turn it over. Search for the hook that gets the battery.

  1. Open the hook appropriately. The battery should jump out. Assuming it doesn’t, give it a delicate pull.
  2. Then, clean the connectors of the laptop battery by applying a minuscule measure of scouring liquor to the tip of the association swab. Soil and other flotsam and jetsam can gather and obstruct the association, giving the impression of a flawed HP laptop charger.
  3. Allow the liquor to dry before you reattach the battery. Set the hook back on, secure it and plug in the power string to check assuming the laptop will charge.

Power up the Laptop without the Battery

This investigating step will decide whether the battery or the charger is broken. Start by eliminating the battery of your laptop. Then, at that point, power on your PC utilizing just the charger. Assuming that the laptop turns on, then, at that point, you really want to supplant the battery. Assuming that the laptop doesn’t turn on, then, at that point, your charger may be the issue.