How To Become A Paladin In Final Fantasy XIV [Full Guide]

In this article we will talk about How To Become A Paladin In Final Fantasy XIV. The Paladin is one of Final Fantasy XIV’s generally popular and newbie amicable positions. To become a Paladin, players should initially master the Gladiator class.

How To Become A Paladin In Final Fantasy XIV

Paladin, the ideal blade and-safeguard wielding archetype of a tank class, is a task path in Final Fantasy XIV that players can look over the character creator; however, they can’t become a Paladin straightaway. Rookies will start their excursion as a Gladiator, a base class that eventually upgrades into the Paladin work in Final Fantasy XIV. On the off chance that a player picks Gladiator as their starting class, they will begin in the city of Ul’dah at the Gladiators’ Guild.

Players should reach a certain level in the Gladiators’ Guild questline to open the Paladin work in Final Fantasy XIV. This endeavor requires completing all the journeys up to that point, and adequately leveling up the Gladiator class. Then again, assuming a player begins Final Fantasy XIV as another class however wishes to change over to Gladiator to become a Paladin, they can just do as such after completing the Level 10 mission of the corresponding organization. Unlocking airship travel after the Level 15 MSQ, “The Lominsan Envoy,” is also necessary in the event that they didn’t begin in Ul’dah.

The upgrade from Gladiator to Paladin becomes available after the player reaches Level 30 and finishes the Level 30 society journey, “The Rematch.” Once these necessities have been met, players can continue onto the Paladin work storyline in Final Fantasy XIV. At the point when a player upgrades their base class to a task, they will get the “soul” of that particular work. In the case of becoming a Paladin, players will get the Soul of a Paladin after completing the mission “Paladin’s Pledge.” To begin this journey, speak to Lulutsu, the Gladiators’ Guild assistant.

How To Become A Paladin In Final Fantasy XIV

The road from Levels 1-30 gives ample chance to players to learn the basics of their starter class. The most ideal way to practice and even out proficiently in Final Fantasy XIV for any class is queuing for Dungeons. The Daily Roulette also gives a liberal amount of XP; however, players can just open after gaining access to the initial two Dungeons. Here is a rundown of each Dungeon that players can farm to reach Level 30. You can also read about How to Buy an Apartment Room in Final Fantasy XIV from here.

  • Sastasha: available at Level 15
  • The Tam-Tara Deepcroft: available at Level 16
  • Copperbell Mines: available at Level 17
  • Halatali: available at Level 20
  • The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak: available at Level 24
  • Haukke Manor: available at Level 28

Queuing for Dungeons is also a great way to earn remarkable gear that be prepared, sold, or utilized later on for desynthesis. Additionally, it is suggested that players follow the main story as they level their Gladiator class since the MSQ missions will reward players with an abundance of XP.