What to do with the Golden Dagger in Black Desert Online

With Black Desert Online’s “Brilliant June” occasion over, Golden Dagger in Black Desert Online numerous players are ending up for certain extraordinary, yet apparently futile, brilliant things in their inventories. Assuming you’ve discovered a portion of these things, you may be getting a little disappointed that they’re occupying room absent a lot of clarification with regards to their motivation or how you can discard them.

There is a sum of 3 brilliant things across the universe of Black Desert Online. The Golden Coelacanth, the Golden Dagger, and the Golden Backpack are found by fishing, killing foes, and social occasion, separately. The drop odds are low, bdo golden dagger yet assuming that you set forth the energy you’ll probably run into somewhere around one of these things.

What to do with the Golden Dagger in Black Desert Online

  • In spite of it being extraordinarily significant, the Golden Dagger can’t really be utilized in battle. All things considered, Speed Run Seeds the thing is exclusively intended to be offered to any NPC for you to gather a heavy 5,000,000 Silver. Be cautioned, its drop rate while killing any kind of beast is baffling low, so finding different blades throughout the span of an occasion is profoundly impossible.
  • In the event that it is presently accessible, you can anticipate finding other comparable gold things while fishing or assembling, like the Golden Backpack, Golden Coelacanth, and Glided Coral. Like the blade, the Golden Backpack and Golden Coelacanth don’t fill a very remarkable need other than procuring you 5,000,000 Silver. In the interim, the more extraordinary Gilded Coral can be sold for a noteworthy 10,000,000 Silver.
  • Gathering these relics might take some crushing, yet there are a couple of different strategies for bringing in cash quick during this time. Those chasing down brilliant things through get-together ought to likewise hope to cook any materials they get to make Experience Points and sell important food sources. Some consumables, similar to Honey Wine, might actually be bundled into packs that can be offered to Imperial Delivery NPCs for huge number of Silver as a trade off.

Is Black Desert Online worth the effort?

  • Better believe it. Its great. I additionally like the auto pathing and the AFK highlights. However gorgeous as the world seems to be in Black Desert. I dont need to physically walk wherever when I have strolled the region multiple times. Its a MMO. So there will be a great deal of back following. Luckily. A significant part of the world is auto pathable. But the ocean and the desert. Which makes venturing out to either two locales a migraine and a task. Your guide doesnt even work in those locales. So you can go through hours simply being lost. Which is most certainly dreadful.
  • A portion of the side stories is very great. Principal story including Calpheon and Heidel is great. Yet, the anecdote about light versus haziness and the dark soul. Is somewhat exhausting. Predominantly on the grounds that its been finished previously. It sounds a great deal like Full Metal Alchemist.

In the event that you could move one weapon or move from a computer game into one more game to beat a truly hard supervisor which weapon or move could you pick and from what game?

  • What improves this multiple times than the Dagger of Time (with which you can rewind for a few seconds) is that the save precious stone is for all intents and purposes a game-breaking, or rather life-breaking, thing.
  • Consider it. You can have various recoveries during different significant places in your day to day existence. One preceding getting into a school, one preceding picking your vocation, and one preceding marriage or picking a soul mate.
  • Could do without the results of your decisions? Basically reload and attempt once more. What’s more, once more. On your deathbed, prepared to meet your creator? No concern, simply load a save from when you previously got into school and remember your life.