How to Get a Perfect Mothman Egg in Fallout 76

The eggs of a mothman are ordinarily laid in groups Get a Perfect Mothman Egg in Fallout 76 around regions connected with the Mothman, and are protected by the Cult of the Mothman. The cultists utilize these eggs to make a “sacred oil” with which to favor their effigies.

You’ve presumably seen Mothman Eggs around the region where the cultists like to meander in Fallout 76. These eggs are dark in variety with a red community that gleams to tell you where it’s at. These little pieces can be consumed crude with a high opportunity of illness, or cooked to acquire extra advantages. Mothman Eggs can be tracked down in two ways; typical or great. Wonderful Mothman Eggs are rare, fallout 76 cultist backpack however they merit getting.

How to Get a Perfect Mothman Egg in Fallout 76

Typical Mothman Eggs are a lot simpler to find than the ideal variation. This kind of Mothman Egg can be found dissipated Beer Stein Display Case plans about Appalachia by visiting the different regions related with Mothman. These regions incorporate the accompanying areas:

  • Point Pleasant – Found at the foundation of the Mothman sculpture.
  • Clancy Manor – Can be tracked down on the primary floor of the house close to the chimney.
  • Ingram Mansion – There are a couple of egg groups that can be collected inside the house.
  • Kanawha County Cemetery – Can be tracked down in a shed close to the street.
  • Moth-Home – Some eggs can be tracked down inside the sanctuary.
  • Holy observance – Eggs can be tracked down around the sanctuaries.

In the event that you are searching for Perfect Mothman Eggs, Survival Tent those must be acquired during the Mothman Equinox. This occasional occasion expects you to light three fires and honor Mothman. This occasion happens in Point Pleasant. During the occasion, you will battle numerous Cultist High Priest foes. While stealing from these foes, you have a little opportunity to get Cultist High Priest Packs. Open this thing to get Mothman Eggs. Amazing Mothman Eggs can bring forth in these packs.

In Fallout 76 Where are the best places to track down Legendary Creatures?

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