How to Complete Avenge the Drowned in BG3 Baldur’s Gate 3

How to Complete Avenge the Drowned in BG3 Baldur’s Gate 3 – Complete Guide

“Avenge the Drowned” is a mission in Baldur’s Gate 3 that calls for equity and revenge for the people who have endured because of misfortune. This guide will walk you through the means expected to effectively complete the journey and bring conclusion to the casualties of the drowned.

How to Complete Avenge the Drowned in BG3 Baldur’s Gate 3

What is “Avenge the Drowned” in BG3 Baldur’s Gate 3?

In this journey, you will experience the consequence of a sad occasion involving the drowned and their lost belongings. Your assignment is to investigate what is happening, reveal reality, and make moves to avenge the drowned by holding those capable responsible.

How to Complete “Avenge the Drowned” in BG3 Baldur’s Gate 3:

Gather Information: Begin by exploring the region where the drowned were discovered. Examine their belongings, interact with NPCs, and gather any pertinent hints that could reveal insight into the occasions leading up to the misfortune.

Take part in Discourse: Converse with NPCs who could have seen the incident or have information about it. Engaging in discussions can furnish you with important insights and lead you to expected suspects.

Investigate Suspects: In light of the information you gather, distinguish potential suspects who may be answerable for the misfortune. Investigate their intentions, alibis, and associations with the people in question.

Gather Proof: Quest for proof that links the suspects to the wrongdoing. This could involve finding incriminating things, uncovering stowed away information, or piecing together the riddle through cautious examination.

Defy the Offender: Whenever you have gathered sufficient proof, face the individual you accept to be answerable for the drowned. Participate in a discussion or battle experience to address what is happening and look for equity.

Goal: Depending on your decisions and activities, the mission could finish up with different results. You could prevail with regards to avenging the drowned by bringing the guilty party to equity, or you could confront surprising twists that challenge your understanding of the circumstance.

How to Complete Avenge the Drowned in BG3 Baldur’s Gate 3


Completing the “Avenge the Drowned” mission in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a demonstration of your investigative abilities, sympathy, and determination to look for equity for the people in question. By carefully gathering information, engaging with NPCs, and making insightful decisions, you can uncover reality behind the misfortune and determine the destiny of those dependable. Recall that your decisions have results that resound all through the game’s reality, contributing to the vivid and dynamic storytelling that Baldur’s Gate 3 is known for.