What to Do and Where to Go first in Elex II – Full Guide

In this article we will show you What to do and where to go first in Elex II. In spite of the fact that Piranha Bytes‘ Elex 2 isn’t without its minor shortcomings, it is the definition of what all open-world RPGs ought to be.

In light of the ending to the first Elex, its spin-off consistently had a reasonable goal: protecting the planet from a supernatural danger. Elex 2 understands that goal as well as arranges a story with a lot of turns and curves, while additionally setting up for a legitimate threequel What to do and where to go first in Elex II. Really, by the day’s end, Elex 2 follows through on its marketing guarantees and is what a legitimate open-world RPG and spin-off ought to be.

What to do and where to go first in Elex II

What to Do and Where to Go first in Elex II

You’re given numerous missions toward the beginning of Elex II, and you can follow every one of them after your discussion with Adam. Nonetheless, the one you should take on first is Where Is Caja?. Here Jax needs to find Caja in light of the fact that he’s looking for his child Dex. It’s a straightforward mission to finish since you should simply follow a journey marker to Caja at the closest station and address her.

What mission would it be advisable for you to take on first?

After you complete Where Is Caja? You’ll open a couple of new missions in the Infected main questline. This is the questline that you ought to follow starting here until you’ve acquired sufficient experience to get a couple of nice abilities on Jax in What to do and where to go first in Elex II. From that point onward, you’ll have the option to handle a portion of the opposite side missions and main questlines on the grounds that you’ll be at a more significant level and will not get stomped by the foes in the surrounding regions.

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Commander Jax

Once more in Elex 2, players ribbon up the boots of Commander Jax. In spite of the fact that he was once a legend in the game’s setting, the planet Magalan (which was destroyed by a comet), his deeds have been forgotten to time. Subsequently, players should by and by arrange every one of the groups of Magalan to confront another danger: the Skyands. In doing thus, players will look into the history of the planet, the reason for Elex, the appearance of the comet, and who the Skyands are. While it might appear to be straightforward on a superficial level, Elex 2 will make major uncovers all through the game-continuously tugging the player to return for the following secret.

Not Much Going For It

The glaring issue at hand here, and maybe ELEX 2’s most prominent accomplishment, is the thickly stuffed open world that feels a lot of more like the dystopian science fiction world Magalan that the first game needed to be. Not on the grounds that it’s especially enormous or point by point, however, yet rather, due to what inhabits it. Between individuals from the game’s five significant groups, the mixed arrangement of beasts that reach from monster savages, to raptors, to flying insects, and considerably more insane things What to do and where to go first in Elex II, you won’t be running around for extremely well before running into something of interest.

The issue is, obviously, with ELEX 2’s finished negligence for pacing of any kind. One second you may be slaying little beasts way under your level, then, at that point, the following, getting one-shotted by a goliath robot that is dramatically more grounded than you.


The game’s huge bads, the Skyands slid from the sky and quickly started to kill, detain and infect everything in sight. Outfitted with a dangerous dull variety of Elex, whomever doesn’t pass on from openness to the Dark Elex, is before long transformed into a Skyand, adding themselves to the positions of the very invaders that they attempted to stop. Boasting godlike strength, virtuoso level intellect and a profoundly progressed arsenal, the Skyands have no statement of faith, political position, moral compass or some other social measuring tool that one would normally use to qualify a development. Instead they’re in total harmony to kill and enslave everything and everybody.

What to do and where to go first in Elex II

Areas of things and ability educators

The gigantic universe of Elex 2 contains numerous mysteries in What to do and where to go first in Elex II. Our aide explains where to find Elex bottles, crafting plans or unbelievable things. You will likewise realize where the ability educators are.

  • Elex bottles
  • Plans
  • Ability educators
  • Incredible things