War Thunder: How Many Bombs to Destroy a Base – Full Guide

In this article we will show you War Thunder: How many bombs to destroy a base. I found it on Google and observed that in RB it is a constant 1,500kg, however I tried it out in rb for myself. I utilized 3 250kg bombs and took out the greater part of the base’s hp. The charts I saw said you wanted 8 250kg bombs. Has this changed and is presently more like AB where the amount relies upon br?

It takes a total of 1.5 tons of explosives to destroy one base in RB, you can see that assuming you check out the score board when you destroy a base without help from anyone else. It very well may be 1 ton at lower brs as well. 6x250kg should kill a base by my fast calculations of 250kg x 2.2LB = 550LB and you’ll require 3000LB so 5x250kg isn’t exactly enough.

War Thunder How Many Bombs to Destroy a Base

War Thunder: How Many Bombs to Destroy a Base

I looked at the besieging chart in War Thunder how many bombs to destroy a base, however I don’t feel like it’s altogether accurate. Playing the PBY-5(a) Catalina (BR 1.7), utilizing the AN-M30A1 bombs, it just takes about 6 bombs to destroy a base (4 deal about 75% damage), yet according to the chart, it should take 13. Also, I utilized the AN-M65A1 bombs on the AF and they appeared to deal about 25% damage to it each, meanwhile, according to the chart, they should deal 10% damage. I’m uncertain about whether the bomb damage is higher, or base/AF HP is lower, however this may merit investigating.

Bombarding Chart for German 50kg SC50JA inaccurate, with my HE 111 H-6, which carries 32 of them, I destroy 3 bases, with 4 Bombs left (for Airfield and so on) According to Bombing Chart it should take 11 for each Base, 33 for 3 Bases. So there’s that. Repeated this all day, same outcome. 3 Bases, about 4 remaining. Perhaps much more, because I incline toward needless excess over having to pivot for killing off a Base at 5% health.

How many bombs are needed to kill a base in Rank 3?

I got my first heavy aircraft, the B-17, and I as of now have the 2x 2000lb load. Is sufficiently this enough to kill bases? It appears to be a great deal of hazardous to fall short. The relevant factor is the “kg of TNT equivalent” of the bombload and wether the mission says “destroy bases”(~500kg TNT) or “assist ground forces”(~1000kg TNT)

How would you endure a plane in war thunder?

Continue to adversary bases, drop bombs, then, at that point, pray that you get by until you reload. It’s kamikaze as it were nevertheless gives you coupla RP each match. Btw, assuming you value your sanity and mental balance, stay away from the G5N. 1.43 made bombarding troublesome, however its as yet my fastest way to earn RP.

What is a forefront aircraft?

Posted April 25, 2019. Iirc, that’s generally a Russian way of naming things in any case. A forefront plane generally has a portion of these traits, however isn’t restricted to: – forward terminating MG for straffing. Be it set off by the pilot or a team part shooting from a flex mount.

How improve in War Thunder?

Aim the crosshairs marginally above the tank you plan to hit. At the point when the tank appears to be about 400m away War Thunder how many bombs to destroy a base, release the bombs. Pull up hard, aiming to expand away from the bombarding run at about 10 degrees and whatever speed you have.

What bombs drop first war thunder?

The request in which the bombs drop relies upon the plane. A few planes drop the bombs fitted on the wings first, others drop them from the bay. Bombs on the wings will more often than not be the smaller weight bombs. Assuming that a plane is dropping ordinance from the bay usually the large ones go first.

How would you bomb a tank in running back?

Start your plunge at medium altitude (1000m+) War Thunder how many bombs to destroy a base. Plunge at ~45 degrees aiming past your target. At the point when you get to ~500-600m, move reticule onto the target increasing the plunge angle, steady your trip briefly, release your payload and pull up. Rest is simply karma.

What is the best aircraft in War Thunder?

Finally another pleasant inquiry to answer! My favorite aircraft to fly is the German FW-200 “Condor.” Oh how I love that plane. Simply attempting to take off in realistic mode is a challenge, and a great one at that! The wing span is so massive and the motor speed so sluggishly, that it is more similar to flying a journey transport than anything else War Thunder how many bombs to destroy a base, a voyage transport armed to the teeth with machine weapons! I once played a match where I was the last plane alive and still took down a couple other warrior before finally having chance down.

My other favorite aircraft is the Boeing B-17 “Flying Fortress.” This plane is also amusing to fly because of it’s size and capability. With the buff to American .50 caliber firearms gracious nearly 3 years ago now, that plane is really strong.

War Thunder How Many Bombs to Destroy a Base

War Thunder Bomb Damage Guide

I haven’t seen a topic that posts what size bombs can damage what targets so I chose to start my own. When I initially starting playing this game I did get frustrated because I didn’t have the foggiest idea what bombs will take out what targets and in the event that not War Thunder how many bombs to destroy a base, how many do I want? On the off chance that there is a topic out there already, my mistake.

50kg-100lb bombs= Don’t attempt to a single shot any target with these firecrackers . Smartest choice is to drop at the extremely least 2 bombs on AA, Artillery, and other gently armored target. For this reason most heavy aircraft armed with these have an enormous amount to drop.

250kg-500lb bombs= Now we can start causing some harm . A solitary bomb will take out most gently armored targets including medium tanks. However against destroyers and heavy tanks, a twofold portion is necessary.

500kg-1000lb bombs= Should I even say what you can’t destroy? A solitary drop with these babies will take out 98% of targets with a single shot aside from aircraft carriers, battleships and airfields.

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