Best Flash Drive for Ps4 | Top Picks

Looking for Best Flash Drive for Ps4 then you are at right place. In our article we have share our top picks from which you can choose any flash drive according to your need.

What is a USB Flash Drive?

A USB flash drive is a mainstream information stockpiling fusing a flash memory combined with a USB interface. The USB interface is perhaps the most recent mean of association. This gives it the adaptability to associate with various gadgets. It is also called a thumb drive, USB memory sticks, or basically flash drive.

This gadget is planned versatile and very lightweight creation it simple to convey. Also, has the usability for its potential benefit as it requires no link or connector for association. Add its rankling velocity of activity and you have the ideal outer stockpiling for your PS4 pro.

There are different sorts of USB flash drives relying upon highlights. There is the USB flash drive 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.1, grouped dependent on USB interface similarity. It can likewise be ordered dependent on the capacity limit with a ton of variants in this arrangement. Fortunately, essentially a wide range of flash drives function admirably with PS4 pro, yet relying upon the assignment.

Uses of USB Flash Drive on PS4 Pro

It is anything but difficult to join the very presence of a USB flash drive to memory stockpiling as it were. Notwithstanding, it has some other fundamental use to the PS4 pro. The following are some essential purposes a PS4 Pro USB flash drive can serve.

Serves as PS4 Pro Storage Extension

This is one of the main purposes a USB flash drive serves. Since the speed of the PS4 pro relies to a great extent upon the inner stockpiling, it should be kept as free as could be expected under the circumstances.

For a gamer fixated on a solitary game or two, the PS4 pro inward stockpiling should work well for you. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you appreciate playing various games, you will require a USB flash drive. This will assist you with introducing and mess around straightforwardly from the outside stockpiling without utilizing the space on your reassure.

Helps in the Upgrading of PS4 Pro Software

At the point when your PS4 pro necessities a redesign, there is a requirement for you to download the necessary programming on your PC framework. After the product’s been downloaded, you will unquestionably require a USB flash drive to store, introduce and duplicate the document from your PC to your PS4.

Helps in Transferring Games, Applications and Files

Now and then the need emerges to share some PS4 applications records with companions or you should get it from them. In some different cases, you may have to spare a few documents on your PC as back up for future reference. USB flash drive is the quickest and most effortless outer stockpiling for this reason.

Serves as Back Up for PS4 Pro

There are a few procedure on PS4 requiring backing up your information to forestall information misfortune. For a situation of instatement of PS4 pro to fix issues, you should back up your information on outside stockpiling to try not to lose significant data.

The USB flash drive is one of the most solid and simple to utilize outer capacity gadgets for information reinforcement. You should simply to plug it into your PS4, spare a duplicate of your information on it and reestablish it when you are finished.

Best USB Flash Drive for PS4 Pro in 2020

With the astounding number of flash drives accessible on the lookout, you may get made up for lost time attempting to choose the best one. Add the way that there are bunches of phony and cloned products out there; it is anything but difficult to pick that gorgeous untrustworthy product.

To guarantee you gain the best USB flash drive for your PS4, we have helped you select and audit the absolute best accessible on the lookout.

The following are probably the best PS4 pro USB flash drives you can lay your hands on:

1. HyperX Savage 512 GB USB 3.1/3.0 flash drive – Best for Storage Extension

HyperX Savage flash drive is another entirely versatile flash drive. This pearl of a gadget is planned minimized and flaunts a few great highlights.

It gets the eyes with its special and straightforward plan. Furthermore, is incredibly quick at 350mb/s read and 250mb/s move rate, making it among the best flash drives. Additionally, this great speed is coordinated with exactness and viability. Furthermore, is anything but difficult to use as it doesn’t need any driver to get moving.

The flash drive is viable with USB 3.1 Gen gadgets. This makes it an ideal fit for PS4 pro. Additionally, it is viable with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 gadgets. Furthermore, has a capacity limit of 512 GB, making it ideal for capacity expansion for your PS4 pro.

Pros & Cons

  • The design is rugged and bold making it easy to transport.
  • Easy to use.
  • It is super fast and does not lag.
  • Attractive and durable.
  • A bit expensive than other products of the same capacity.

2. SanDisk 512GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive – Best for Privacy

SanDisk super fit USB flash drive is proclaimed as truly outstanding in the market because of its magnificent highlights. It is an all around planned gadget that gives clients bunches of choices.

This conservative flash drive works at fast USB 3.1 execution level. What’s more, works quick and precisely as it peruses at about 130mb/s. The USB 3.1 is likewise an ideal counterpart for PS4 pro. With 512GB capacity you can utilize it for memory expansion, document move, memory back up and programming update on PS4 pro.

Of the noteworthy highlights bragged by this flash drive is protection. As it has a capacity that can be utilized to keep your hidden records covered up with the assistance of the Secure Access programming. It is likewise solid and tough with a 5-year restricted guarantee.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use.
  • Fast and reliable.
  • Doesn’t overheat.
  • The casing is made with some kind of composite material. Hence, it can’t withstand stress.
  • It loses reliability when overused.

3. Corsair Flash Voyager GTX 512 GB USB 3.1 Premium Flash Drive – Best High-End Flash Drive

Here is another pretty quick USB flash drive that is very reasonable for PS4 pro. As, it’s a minimized and secure plan, making it a shrewd venture.

Corsair GTX flash drive works at a speed like an outside SSD. As it consolidates a fast 3D NAND memory. This aides in opening its peruse and compose of the speed of about 440mb/s. Likewise, it’s viable with USB 3.0 combined with a capacity of 512 GB. What’s more, can be utilized as expanded stockpiling for your PS4 pro.

The flash drive is assembled rough. As the packaging is made with premium rough zinc-amalgam with aluminum highlights. This offers actual security and aides in shielding your records. Additionally, it works impassively with USB 3.1 Gen, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. Also, can be gotten to and enhanced with the Corsair SSD tool compartment programming.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use as it does not need a driver to get started.
  • High-end flash drive with SSD-rated performance.
  • Has an operating temperature between 0 degree to 70 degrees indicating it doesn’t overheat.
  • Pocket friendly and durable.
  • The design on the casing scratches off too easily.

4. Samsung BAR Plus 256 GB 400 MB/s USB 3.1 Flash Drive – Best Overall

Speed and move rates are consistently among the characterizing elements of a PS4 pro flash drive – and this product is among the quickest you will actually get. In spite of its noteworthy speed, Samsung Bar Plus 256gb flash drive is viable and precise.

This gadget has an exchange pace of 400mb/s positioning it among the quickest flash drives accessible. Also, is solid and offers secure capacity for your information. Likewise, the flash drive doesn’t overheat flaunting a working temperature between 0⁰ to 60⁰. Also it’s encased in a metal case, making it tough and solid. This in addition to its key ring and realized adaptability make it simple to move and store.

Being a USB 3.1 flash drive, it fits the PS4 pro well. As it’s ready to work at the great USB 3.1 speed without losing information. Additionally, it has in reverse similarity, empowering it to work with gadgets with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. As far as dependability and information security, it doesn’t frustrate. This is because of it being shockproof, temperature proof, waterproof, magnet proof and beam proof.

Pros & Cons

  • Reliable and effective.
  • Formatted exFAT by default making it easy to configure.
  • Attractive design, lightweight and durable.
  • Pretty fast transfer and configuration rate.
  • The accessible storage is 239 GB.

5. Samsung MUF-256A /AM FIT Plus 256 GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive – Most Reliable

This is another profoundly successful flash drive by Samsung. The flash drive is known for movability and takes it to another level. On account of its wide scope of utilization as it’s viable with assortments of gadgets.

The gadget has an uncommon exchange pace of about 300mb/s. Also, can be utilized with PS4 pro to reinforcement documents, update programming and move records. This should be possible at a noteworthy speed because of its USB 3.1 similarity combined with its exchange rate. Essentially, the plan is smaller and fits flawlessly with PS4 pro. It likewise consolidates a key ring opening which encourages you to make sure about it.

Samsung MUF in addition to flash drive is dependable and strong. As it’ll make sure about records long haul without encountering information misfortune. It is likewise made waterproof, magnet-proof, shockproof, beam proof and temperature proof. This notwithstanding its 5years restricted guarantee focuses to its great dependability and strength.

Pros & Cons

  • Doesn’t overheat thanks to its operating temperature between 32⁰F to 140⁰F.
  • It is designed compact, portable and as such is unobtrusive.
  • Attractive design and efficiency.
  • Fast transfer rate.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Value for money
  • Drive speed is way lower than the read speed.

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How does a Flash Drive Compare to Other External Storage (Hard drive and SSD)

Significantly, there are three normal and notable outer stockpiling gadgets for PS4 pro. These gadgets are USB flash drive, SSD and outer hard drive. These gadgets have their points of interest over the remainder of the pack. We should perceive how the USB flash drive contrasts and these two gadgets in some essential necessities.


This is one of the significant advantages of USB flash drive over hard drive and SSD. It is convenient and lightweight. Add its toughness and you get a gadget appropriate for indoor and outdoor use.

Reliability and Durability

USB flash drive is solid gratitude to its flash memory innovation. The disappointment rate is low and can withstand the trial of time. Nonetheless, the SSD being the most expensive among them flaunts the most noteworthy unwavering quality over the long haul. This implies it’s the most strong yet at an excessive cost.


Hard disk is the cheapest among all. At a similar memory limit, it is less expensive than the SSD and glimmer drive. Notwithstanding, the USB streak drive is less expensive than SSD.

Ease of Use

The USB flash drive is the least demanding to use among all PS4 outside capacity gadgets. You needn’t bother with a link for association as it joins the attachment and play style. Consequently, it’ll kick you off right away.

Speed and Performance

The USB flash drive is pretty quick and performs at a fantastic rate. It peruses and stores information quicker, sparing you time and exertion. Notwithstanding, outside SSD still edges out the USB streak drive as far as speed and execution.

In spite of the fact that, there are top notch streak drives that coordinate the SSD regarding execution, they are more costly.

For PS4 genius stockpiling that offers accommodation, noteworthy speed, dependability, compactness, flexibility, execution at a sensible value, your smartest option is the USB streak drive.