The Metaverse Meets Luxury Fashion

The Metaverse Meets Luxury Fashion: ALTAVA Group Partners with the Sandbox Launch Exclusive NFT Collection

The Metaverse Meets Luxury Fashion ALTAVA Group is glad to report the NFT’s Run-Up partnership with the Sandbox to launch exclusive NFT collection for both metaverse. THERE’S no rejecting that the metaverse and Web3 is no joking matter at the present time and another joint effort is going to hoist the luxury fashion industry higher than ever within this entrancing field. ALTAVA Group, a metaverse organization that stands at the convergence of innovation and fashion, are amazingly eager to declare their partnership with metaverse gaming monster The Sandbox to launch an exclusive NFT collection.

The Metaverse Meets Luxury Fashion

What makes the partnership so one of a kind? It will give the people who buy the NFT collection in the NFT commercial center the capacity to involve it in both The Sandbox and ALTAVA Worlds of You metaverse. The joint effort will without a doubt enhance ALTAVA to significantly greater levels and is set to turn into the best fashion metaverse.

The NFT collection will use The Metaverse Meets Luxury Fashion insight of digitizing and tokenizing resources for top of the line luxury brands including Balmain and Prada to make the most pined for PFP and symbols in The Sandbox metaverse for the fortunate proprietors.

ALTAVA additionally bought LAND on The Sandbox where clients will actually want to associate with ALTAVA’s partners, including a portion of the world’s most well known and pursued fashion brands. This will permit PFP characters to play smaller than expected games and take an interest in exclusive NFT/item drops with a portion of their most exceptionally wanted brands in the fashion business within The Sandbox. The LAND buy will significantly offer open doors for a Luxury Fashion Town, craftsmanship show spaces, displays and fairs.

Sebastien Borget, prime supporter of The Sandbox remarks: “We accept that ALTAVA x The Sandbox Exclusive Season 1 NFT Collection and their forthcoming ALTAVA LAND in The Sandbox will add a one of a kind luxury fashion insight to our quickly growing local area and environment.”

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