Schizm Mysterious Journey PC Version Free Download Full Game

Single Direct Link for windows is available for Schizm Mysterious Journey PC Version Free Download. The action, indie and adventure of this game is amazing.

Schizm Mysterious Journey PC Version Free Download

Click on the button given below to download Schizm Mysterious Journey PC Version. It is full and complete game. Just download and start playing it. We have given direct link full setup of the game.

Overview of Schizm Mysterious Journey PC Version


You are going to partake in an incredible experience.

It is the year 2083. Ten months prior, the main people arrived on Argilus. They found urban areas, towns, modern establishments – all abandoned. Entryways opened. Dinners incomplete. Astonishing hardware actually working. Be that as it may, no individuals.

It resembled finding the Mary Celeste on a planetary scale.


Science groups were gotten, research bases set up. After four months, your stockpile transport has been shipped off beware of these bases. Yet, when you hail them from circle, there’s no reply. The science groups, as well, appear to have evaporated.

Presently your frameworks are fizzling and you and your crewmate must choose the option to forsake transport. Be that as it may, where would you be able to go? What other place?

SCHIZM: MYSTERIOUS JOURNEY is an exhilarating First Contact experience where you play the two individuals from the Earth supply vessel Angel as you investigate the captivating scene of an outsider world loaded up with secret and interest.

On 4 December 1872, the 103-foot brigantine Mary Celeste was found floating deserted in the Atlantic 590 miles west of Gibraltar. The chief’s log and the team’s belongings were found ready. The freight was flawless. There was an incomplete letter on the mate’s work area, the engraving of a youngster’s head on a pad on one of the bunks. Right up ’til the present time, nobody realizes what happened to the commander, his family and the group of seven.

At the point when the principal people arrived on Argilus on 24 June 2083, they found towns, urban areas, proof of captivating outsider innovation, yet completely deserted, with obvious indicators that the occupants had just barely withdrawn. Entryways were opened, dinners incomplete. Astonishing hardware was all the while working ceaselessly. However, no individuals. It resembled finding the Mary Celeste on a planetary scale.

Earth Central needed replies. The planet was grouped Restricted and put under prompt quarantine. Specialists were sent in. Three science groups – almost 100 of Earth’s best first contact subject matter experts – set up science and checking stations at three promising areas: Base One at Bosh’s Tunnels, under Dr Angela Davies, Base Two at Symphony Harbor, under Dr Gustav Tomlin, and Base Three at Rainbow Landing, under Dr Frances Bremmer.

In view of an especially dynamic planetary magnetosphere, the surface groups thought that it is difficult to contact Earth straightforwardly. However ready to connect with each other, the consistent electromagnetic impedance in the climate forestalled messages being directed through the orbital reference point in the typical way.

Right away, energetic mission pioneers could utilize transports to get back to the circling endeavor base boat, Tarquin, and broadcast from that point, yet twenty days after the undertaking’s appearance, Tarquin fell quiet and evaporated from surface radar filters. It had either left the region or – a disturbing possibility – had been obliterated in circle. The groups on Argilus were successfully cut off from Earth.

That was only the start. Researchers started to disappear. Individually, any place they were working, alone or in organization, faculty at every one of the three bases began vanishing. Was it something they contacted, some gadget they actuated, some mysterious they found? Nobody could say. Consistently, the survivors were confronted with the bad dream of finding who had disappeared this time, and were left wildly, frantically, pointlessly looking for replies.

Presently, after four months, the mission supply transport Angel approaches Argilus to make the primary subsequent contact, yet its team – experienced spacers and xeno experts Sam Mainey and Hannah Grant – can’t raise any reaction from the planetary bases. There is no sign at all of the endeavor mothership.

Realizing that correspondence from the surface is troublesome, and following uncommon ECS mission mandates, Captain Mainey brings Angel into a lot nearer circle than expected, to where Angel’s improved com frameworks ought to have the option to raise somebody. There’s still no reaction. Bounceback marks are positive. Com frameworks appear to be on the web and functional, however nobody replies. Maybe the Earth science groups have just disappeared.

Sam and Hannah know what they should do. Given the conditions, standard ECS methodology is to cut short the arrival, pull out to a protected distance and anticipate directions. However, the second they attempt to pull back to where they can inform Earth of what has occurred, Angel’s principle frameworks fall flat. Com and motors are out. Life support is tumbling to basic. The boat’s circle is starting to rot.

Sam Mainey and Hannah Grant must choose the option to utilize the life-units and leave transport, despite the fact that they have not yet gotten the grouped 902 mission instructions they were intended to get once contact with the researchers had been made.


However Sam and Hannah consent to meet at Base One, and change their life-cases’ comp frameworks likewise, climate and electromagnetic factors cause them to land very some separation from one another, so their first openness to the new world thinks that they are all alone.

Hannah lands on an entrancing living boat loose in the center of the Great Northern Ocean, and Sam on one of a bunch of inflatables drifting high over one of the mainlands. However their radio connections are functional, the two of them rapidly track down that the barometrical obstruction makes correspondence outlandish. They set their connections on record, both as a standard mission log for those back home and in the event that their missing crewmate can get to the information later. Then, at that point, with no other decision, they start investigating this odd new world.

With Sam and Hannah, you will encounter each progression of this captivating journey of disclosure, deal with their concerns, share their triumphs and disillusionments. With karma and ability, you may even open a definitive secret of Argilus.


SCHIZM: Mysterious Journey is graphical, first individual point of view, 3D prerendered experience game with a convincing peaceful SF story joined with profoundly non-straight ongoing interaction, where the player picks the request wherein the majority of the riddles are addressed.

SCHIZM offers a blend of riddles of changed sort, including mechanical, sensible, sound and stock based, consistently coordinated with the intriguing story made in a joint effort with grant winning Australian sci-fi author Terry Dowling, interesting to everybody from novices to the field to stalwart experience gamers. The actual story unfurls as a fascinating riddle holding on to be settled.

The player all the while controls two heroes who can investigate the game autonomously, further extending the game’s non-linearity and liberating the player from the irritating circumstance of being stuck at a specific riddle. The two heroes can tackle confounds freely, yet their participation is needed at specific focuses in the game. The story includes cooperation with a few live characters and data exchange between the heroes. The player will not feel left alone on an abandoned planet.


Unmistakable conditions where the activity happens, both inside and outside, made by gifted individual craftsmen – drifting inflatable towns, mysterious underground areas, deserted modern urban communities, ocean skimming natural spaceships.

Stunning, exceptionally point by point, photorealistic, 3D prerendered designs.


Perfectly clear audio effects and encompassing soundscapes, all introduced in surround sound and in 16-cycle quality. Clients of 3D sped up solid cards can partake in the full 360 degree continuous sound situating as indicated by the changing situation of the player.

Surrounding, nondistracting, intuitive advanced soundtrack that changes as indicated by the player’s activities. The game uses MPEG Audio Layer 3 pressure which takes into consideration extensive CD quality music. You can also free download The Rebellion full game from here.


The music is conveyed in stunning CD quality on account of the authorized sound pressure innovation. This takes into consideration extensive soundtrack however the pressure proportion will be painstakingly picked to stay away from any quality debasement.

System Requirements of Schizm Mysterious Journey

Before you start downloading Schizm Mysterious Journey make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.


  • OS: 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: 1,5 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: any
  • Storage: 8 GB available space

Schizm Mysterious Journey PC Version Free Download Full Game

Click on the button given below to download Schizm Mysterious Journey PC Version. It is full and complete game. Just download and start playing it. We have given direct link full setup of the game.