project laptop screen to wall without projector

How to Project Laptop Screen to Wall Without Projector

You are having a film night with your companions however the projector separated. There are various costs of projectors online however most are costly. Stress not, on the grounds that you can project laptop screen to wall without projector in any case observe even without a real projector. Our specialists recorded the strategies on how you project your laptop on a wall without the utilization of a projector.

You might need to orchestrate a film night at your place or partake in your beloved motion pictures in the absolute pleasure of outside survey. In any case, the primary impediment to this arrangement is that you don’t claim any projector.

project laptop screen to wall without projector

It’s really simple to project photos onto a wall—all you want is a fair projector. Assuming you’re a film addict or an imaginative individual who needs the fine subtleties to be caught, how to project from laptop to wall. All things considered, projectors are fantastic — they are incredible, so you don’t need to stress assuming you can’t lay your hands on them. In all actuality, it is feasible to project an image on a wall without a projector. You can project an image on an electric lamp or cell phone wall.

How to Project Laptop Screen to Wall Without Projector

Presently, follow these means to begin the cycle to secure the laptop’s screen to the wall without a projector below.

1. Get Your Materials

  1. Laptop
  2. Enormous cardboard box
  3. Dark paper
  4. Enormous amplifying focal point
  5. Tape
  6. X-Acto blade
  7. Pencil
  8. Stick

Prepare sure you have this multitude of things to begin the interaction. Assuming you don’t have any of them then you can get them from a nearby store or request them online at Amazon.

2. Utilize The Right Box And Magnifying Lens

You need to got to put a huge amplifying focal point and a laptop inside the cardboard box. In this way, it is vital to pick the right cardboard box. Ensure the crate you are deciding for this occupation is large to the point of fitting a laptop inside. It will be better for you assuming you measure the width of the laptop first. You can also read about Projector For PS5 from here.

Additionally, ensure the container is long enough with the goal that you can change the projection size and distance between your laptop and the amplifying focal point.

project laptop screen to wall without projector

Also, in this undertaking, you need to utilize a huge, plain, rectangular focal point. Attempt to pick a focal point that is a similar size as your laptop screen.

3. Position The Lens

At the point when you assemble every one of the vital things at a spot, you can begin the cycle by setting the focal point in the cardboard box.

Take the crate, pencil, and focal point. Presently, turn the cardboard box to be on the table from the little side and spot the enormous amplifying focal point on top of the opposite side. Then, at that point, position the focal point entirely on the case.

Ensure you position the focal point at the center of the side. When you set the focal point totally on the crate, mark the position accurately by utilizing a pencil.

4. Introduce The Lens In Position

When you find the ideal spot for the focal point and imprint it accurately, presently you need to introduce the enormous amplifying focal point in the cardboard box.

To do this, take your blade and cut the framework with the goal that the focal point fits impeccably. In the event that the cardboard is exceptionally thick, take a more keen blade or a cardboard shaper.

At the point when you are finished cutting the side for the amplifying focal point, place the focal point pleasantly on the spot and tape the glass totally ready. Ensure that the focal point is put accurately and within the focal point where you see well ought to be inside the container.

5. Cover The Box Interior With Black Paper

Whenever you are finished with the focal point establishment process, you need to cover the inside of the cardboard box with dark paper for better picture quality. The dark inside won’t mirror any light and it will improve your review insight.

project laptop screen to wall without projector

Thusly, you need to power outage the inside of the cardboard box with matte dark papers. Take your dark papers and shape them to fit appropriately in the crate, covering each and every side of the container. For it to be very much covered and stay together well, apply paste to the dim papers prior to holding them down on the container.

Likewise, you can take a stab at applying the paste onto the inside walls first. You can do it effectively utilizing any brush or with your hands.

Assuming you don’t have matte dark paper, then, at that point, you can involve dark paint for this work. Paint the inside of the cardboard box appropriately. In the wake of painting, let the paint dry. While painting, ensure you shield the amplifying focal point from paint by covering it with any paper.

6. Place Your Laptop Into The Box

In this progression, you need to put your laptop in the cardboard box. Ensure you adjusted the laptop flawlessly with the amplifying focal point. You can turn on your laptop to change the place of your laptop appropriately.

  • Starting here, we are really done making the most compelling thing. Yet, there are not many significant errands that you want to do prior to wrapping up.
  • You need to turn the video topsy turvy that you will project on the wall. It will take you a couple of moments to begin watching your cherished shows from here in any position you need.

What projects would i be able to use to set up my telephone as a projector?

There are programs that you can use to set up your telephone as a projector. The accompanying projects are explicitly intended for cell phones running on Android OS. It incorporates MultiPresenter, ClickShare, Epson iProjection, and Panasonic Wireless Projector


Watching films even without a projector is conceivable. Our specialists have incorporated the techniques you can follow on how to project a laptop screen to a wall without a projector. You can DIY your own by utilizing a case, focal point, and your laptop or cell phone. This will show an expanded picture similar as what your projector does.