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NFT Project Signs With WME

WME has marked the NFT project Non-Fungible Heroes as the office keeps on growing its venture into IP fixated on blockchain innovation.

Non-Fungible Heroes, drove by CEO Michael Schaiman, at first sent off as a NFT assortment with “legends” and “lowlifes” characters. The assortment plans to carry NFT holders into the crease by giving them protected innovation freedoms to the characters, permitting holders to create histories and characteristics for their separate characters and work with a gathering of craftsmen and scholars to transform those thoughts into different storylines, games and comics.

Last month, Non-Fungible Heroes distributed the primary issue of a computerized comic, Night Ape, which was disseminated for nothing to all NFT holders. A subsequent issue is supposed to be delivered in May.

The comic was made in association with Non-Fungible Films, a different diversion studio that spotlights on web3 projects and has likewise inked a creation organization with WME. The studio, established by Cameron Moulene, has additionally banded together with different substances to make projects across film, TV and gaming in light of IP that began as NFTs. Different tasks from Non-Fungible Films incorporate impending enlivened shows in view of authorized characters from the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

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