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New York Liberty WNBA team will be first to offer NFTs

The New York Liberty reported that they would be the main group in WNBA history to drop non-fungible tokens as advanced workmanship.

The arrival of the NFT will be on May 7 to harmonize with the Liberty’s season opener against the Connecticut Sun.

“I believe we’re continuously expecting to be imaginative. We like to lead and feel we ought to be driving here in New York,” Liberty CEO Keia Clarke said after training recently. “We have the help of possession and a truly remarkable plan to proceed with what our timetable delivery was.”

There will be 400 NFTs with comparative plans, however each having its own special chronic number when they are delivered. The Liberty desire to accomplish a greater amount of them all through the season.

“This is the first in the assortment, not certain what the rest will resemble yet,” Clarke said. “There will be a few astonishments that come from this drop. The NFTs are serialized, you could be gifted on the quantity of the NFT you buy.”

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