How to Make a Chest in Terraria

Chests are vital for storing your north of thousands of various weapons and things you will go over. There are more than forty distinct chests you can craft in Terraria. They are make a chest in terraria all functionally similar and their plans will require two iron/lead bars and eight of whatever material they are made from. For example, a wooden chest would require eight of any kind of wood and two iron/lead bars, whereas, a shooting star chest would require eight shooting star squares and two iron/lead bars. For this guide I will show you how to make a straightforward wooden chest.

Terraria is a RPG game that places you in a magical world and has you encountering various missions as you progress through it. As is the case with any other RPG, Make a chest in terraria is all about the things. You’ll experience myriads of them, and you’ll utilize many to craft various things – from weapons to furniture.

make a chest in terraria

You’re doubtlessly going to reach a point in Terraria where you should find a way to make a wooden chest in terraria store the things and assets you have gathered. When your inventory has started to top off, you are going to have to find a place to store what you have so you can continue to harvest what you run over.

How to Make a Chest in Terraria

Start by finding a natural cave or burrow down until you find some iron/lead metal. This metal can be seen as extremely near the surface so you make a chest in terraria won’t have to go too far down to find it.

My reality generated lead which is a blackish gray. Iron is a similar shade of gray, simply a lot lighter. Each iron/lead bar will require three bits of metal each. Grab at least six iron/lead metal. Does Idle Mean on Discord your furnace you will require twenty stone as well. Gather some stone while you are mining for the mineral.

Stand close to a workbench and craft a furnace. A furnace will cost twenty stone, three torches, and four wood to make. Place your furnace and stand close to it to make a chest in terraria smelt your metal into bars. With your two iron/lead bars and eight wood you can now craft a chest! Essentially stand close to your workbench and search for the chest symbol.

That’s it! You can place chests near your crafting stations to use anything in your chest for your crafting. Chests require 2×2 tiles to place and you can place them on wooden platforms for easy access.

A chest will hold forty distinct squares or things. Opening a chest will show you a lot of various chest commands at the right of the chest inventory. “Plunder All” will attempt to move each thing in that chest to your inventory. “Store All” will attempt to move each thing in your inventory to that chest (excluding your hotbar

1. Find the Resources

Wood is easy to harvest. Simply stand by a tree and hack it. Then again, Iron, and Lead are a touch more challenging to find. You can definitely relax, however; it’s available in abundance all through make a chest in terraria. Find a natural cave, and you’ll gain admittance to both of the two minerals. On the off chance that you don’t have any caves in your closeness, feel free to delve down into the ground. Iron and Lead metal shouldn’t be too hard to coincidentally find and they usually lie near the surface.

make a chest in terraria

While you’re mining for Iron/Lead, feel free to get some Stone, as well – you’ll require 20 for the furnace. You’re going to require three bits of Lead/Iron mineral to create a Lead/Iron bar. In this way, you’re looking for either three Iron metals and three lead minerals or six Iron/Lead minerals.

2. Go to the Workbench

Since you’ve gathered all the necessary things, head over to a workbench. Then, at that point, using the 20 Stone that you’ve gathered, craft a furnace. The furnace takes twenty Stone, four Wood, and three Torch things. Whenever you’ve crafted the furnace, place it any place you want and stand close to it. Smelt two Iron/Lead bars make a chest in terraria using the recently gathered assets.

3. Craft a Chest

Presently, return to the workbench. Standing close to it, search for the chest symbol. Place the chest near the crafting gear (workbench, furnace, and so forth) Use it whenever it might suit you (it works very much like looting).