Japanese Gaming Peripheral Holds Your Head Up

That is not a back rub table! You are checking out the Lying Face Down Sleep Cushion Z. Called attention to by Gizmodo Japan and PC Watch, it was explicitly made for you to put your head face down between the two pads, and play computer games, take a gander at your telephone or tablet, and surprisingly read books.

This is the most recent section in Japan’s journey to assist with peopling be more sluggish while gaming.

Made by fringe organization Thanko, it was even planned so you can wear glasses serenely.

Gaming pads, for example, this one delivered in Japan in 2020, are as of now a thing. What makes this different is that it’s anything but a basic pad, but instead, a greater amount of an intricate head rest.

This item is for when you don’t want to hold up your head. Or on the other hand for while lying on your back, acknowledging holding your gaming handheld over your face is excessively tiring. Thanko is known for making senseless peripherals, yet while this looks ridiculous, it may really be valuable.

On Japanese notice board 5ch, analysts have comments about the Lying Face Down Sleep Cushion Z:

  • “In the event that you were playing for quite a while, this may be great. Since you can without much of a stretch change how you make light of the Switch while lying, regardless, I believe it’s pointed more at the Steam Deck.”
  • “I think confronting upwards is better.”
  • “It appears to be helpful, however the manner in which it turns is so wrecked upward.”
  • “I’d envision this makes your head hurt.”
  • “Resting and gaming is debilitating.”
  • “In the event that you have this, [using] the Steam Deck will be fine.”
  • “I bet on the off chance that pre-owned it for quite a while, your arm would go numb.”
  • “I’ve generally thought beanbag seats were great.”
  • “How far would they say they will take it?”

The Lying Face Down Sleep Cushion Z is estimated at 6,980 yen ($60) and went discounted for this present week in Japan.