In Gaming World Legion Aims for Top Spot

With the gaming business prospering, Lenovo, the world’s biggest PC creator, has focused on turning into the No.1 player in gaming gadgets and PCs, driven by its sub-image Legion.

Dispatched in 2017, Legion has become known for its wide scope of gaming PCs and PCs and is currently “the quickest developing brand in the Asia-Pacific district”, Ian Tan, Asia-Pacific Gaming Lead of Lenovo, told the Bangkok Post in a meeting.

“Gaming PC deals have seen consistent development lately, and the pandemic has supported interest in this kind of gadget as clients invest more energy engaging themselves at home,” said Mr Tan.

“The gaming PC market in Asia-Pacific has become 20%, and Thailand’s market has seen a 10% expansion during the pandemic, however there is a continuous production network issue which influences deals. This is relied upon to be settled by end of 2022, and we anticipate that interest in gaming should outlast the pandemic.”

Gaming today is not generally bound to youthful crowds as it has turned into a standard diversion movement for all, and this will permit the gaming PC market to develop, he said.

“As it turns into a standard movement, more individuals will engage in purchasing gaming memberships, and that will provoke need for a specific gaming gadget as they need to completely encounter their cherished games,” he said.

Gaming has developed into a colossal industry internationally, and a 2020 report by Newzoo and noted there are “more than 32 million gamers in Thailand creating north of a billion dollars, making it one of the most prominent games markets in Southeast Asia”. The report asserted 84% of gamers play on a PC. A wide assortment of games for each age gathering, and accessibility on PCs, consoles and cell phones, has empowered quick development of the business.

Games currently additionally permit individuals to interface with their companions so they can play together, and that is a significant explanation gaming has become more well known, said Mr Tan.

“Gaming PCs are filling in prevalence since individuals need all the more impressive PCs to help performing multiple tasks, just as waiting be connected to various screens to amplify their gaming experience. Likewise, numerous gamers need to make recordings and stream their game play to impart to other people. Just as gaming, individuals need to make their own substance, or even make movement, and an amazing gaming PC is the ideal gadget to assist them with doing all that they need,” added Mr Tan.

As indicated by Mr Tan, the gaming PC market will keep on flourishing in years to come as an ever increasing number of individuals gear up for online commitment.

“Simultaneously, gaming is turning out to be extremely best in class. There are a great deal of invigorating new games with profoundly perplexing and practical illustrations, so individuals put resources into exceptionally incredible machines like our Legion PCs that permit them to have the full insight,” he said.


Gaming PCs are intended for an assortment of necessities and spending plans, with passage level, mid-level or top of the line gadgets accessible.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 is ideal for section level gamers, while Legion gadgets oblige further developed clients. The Legion 5 is great for mid-range clients, and the Legion 5 Pro, Legion Slim 7 and Legion 7 are at the top-finish of the scale.

“Gamers request high specs like quick processors and long battery life, and they likewise search for more slender, lighter workstations as well,” Mr Tan said.

The Legion Slim 7 is one of the lightest gaming PCs. At under 2 kilograms it is the ideal compact PC at work during the day, turning into an incredible gaming gadget around evening time. Army gaming PCs are additionally intended to be more up-to-date and meet clients’ requirements, regardless of whether they are utilizing their PC for conferences or e-sports competitions.

As indicated by Mr Tan, there has been a flood in interest in versatile gaming structures and crossover consoles.

“We accept that later on, the compact stage will turn out to be more well known, and individuals might need their PC games to be accessible on a convenient stage,” Mr Tan said.

In case gamers like to utilize a big screen, they can associate their control center to a TV for gaming or utilize a gaming PC. The individuals who favor little screens with greater portability will utilize cell phones for gaming.

Cross-stage gaming is another major impending pattern, and there has been an expansion in games with cross-stage play support across control center and PC. “We have to a lesser degree a differentiation whether you’re a PC gamer or a control center gamer, on the grounds that to us the game is a similar game,” Mr Tan said.

Another key pattern is that illustrations will get more practical. Albeit 3D illustrations have been around for more than 25 years, they continue to improve to where now and again individuals can’t differentiate between the game and the film.

“To have these sorts of designs you will require an extremely incredible PC. That is the reason when we planned our Legion PCs, we made them as amazing as could really be expected,” added Mr Tan.

“Army PCs can perform at an exceptionally undeniable degree of handling power, and the cooling framework is intended to be extremely productive to hold the temperature down while giving greatest execution.”

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